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Thread: Diaper rash = diaper hiatus?

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    Unhappy Diaper rash = diaper hiatus?

    About a month ago I started getting red blotches around my lower back. I bought some diaper rash cream (zinc oxide) and applied it, then tried some anti-fungal cream as well. It seemed to be getting better/dried skin so continued wearing diapers but now it seems to be alot worse.. very itchy and even a little painful in spots (really bright red and raised a bit) even down my side. I keep telling myself that I should just stop wearing diapers for a bit but it's hard... :p. I'm also worried I'm maybe allergic to something in one of the diapers or one of the creams but idk I've never had this problem before.

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    Solution: don't wear so often. And yeah you probably are allergic to something. Try some skin tests.

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    Ya I know that's probably the best idea, it's just that I recently got the new space diapers and some snuggies overnights, and have alot of alone time around the house so it's hard to avoid. But ya I hope I'm not allergic to one of the diapers because that would be tragic
    Also, not really wanting to go to the doctor or to get allergy tests because I feel like that would bring up quite the awkward situation... haha.

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    In this care you don't have to go to the doctor for an allergy test, just rub a little of what you have been using on your skin and wait. You'll discover if you're allergic sooner or later.

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    On your back? That seems to be an unusual place. Is it right where the top back edge of your diaper is at? It may just be physical irritation. I know I had a bit of an itchyness on my lower back for awhile when I wore Dry24/7's overnight. Those seem to have a slightly rougher than average rear elastic edge on them. But I didn't get any sort of rash, and my skin's gotten used to it so I don't notice anymore when I select a 247 for overnight.

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    If it is what I think it is, it is just some pimples of sorts due to the friction on the back, by the top of the diaper. I once was worried about this as well, but it went away after a while.

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    I had a rash for a while about a month ago. Went almost 2 weeks with no diapers. What worked for me was an anti fungal spray twice a day, Lamisil. And then some powder during the day. It was more in my crotch/groin so lots of warmth and friction and sweat. Not fun.
    What was worse was that if I itched it, the skin would separate and I'd have little paper cuts. Not fun. I'm way more careful now about showing after using diapers - and keeping powder on me most of the time.

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