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    l woke up in the middle of the afternoon on a sunny sunday, and still half asleep i looked around the room and noticed that posters on the walls are missing. my mom sometimes throws away things from my room and i get annoyed by it, but throwing away the posters i had on the walls was too much. i got out of bed to confront her about it, but then i noticed that the locked cabinet where i keep my diaper stash is wide open and empty. i froze and didn't know what to do, then i heard my mom in the other room saying with her normal voice: "yea, i just found diapers in your brother's room. weird, uh?" i fell on the bed, shivering from fear and embarassment. i closed my eyes and when i opened them again i felt different, but still shivering from fear. then i noticed my posters on the walls and my diaper cabinet closed. it was only a dream.

    those kinds of dreams had been quite frequent recently. a few days ago i had a dream where i was going through some of my stuff while my really good friend was with me in my room and suddenly i noticed an empty drynites bag in my hand. he casualy asked me why i have drynites in my room and i tried to say with a normal voice that i need the absorbent material for some sort of a home made rocekt fuel experiment and he believed me.

    in another dream, i was in my room and saw my diaper cabinet open and empty again. i got scared, then my dad walks in the room, points somewhere and casualy says "your diapers are over there"

    in another dream, that same friend i mentioned before, found one of my diapers and laughed his ass off while teasing me about it.

    then there's this dream where my dad found out about my secret, and i literally died of embarassment. i ran away, grabbed a rope, ran to the woods and made a hangman's noose. then i hear my dad crying that i don't have to do this and how it's not that bad. then i start choking on the rope and i wake up.

    so, those are just a few of my weird diaper related dreams. anyone had some similar dreams?

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    Strangely enough my dreams involving diapers have changed somewhat recently. (I've been getting better sleep and more REM time too) It's fairly common nowadays to have dreams involving diapers. Usually just aspects of wearing, but occasionally in an unusual situation - a variation on the "suddenly naked in class" theme. But so far it's all been exposed diaper and nobody notices or cares. And it doesn't seem to bother me a huge amount either. *shrug*

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    I often dream of being in a diaper near it's capacity and suddenly I'm with family, friends or coworkers and can not find a hiding place to take it off. Trapped in public in a soggy diaper dreams are second only to need to pee and can't find a private place to go dreams for me, (I'm a bit "pee Shy" too). I'm told dreaming of not being able to find a place to pee means your basic needs are not being met, trapped in a diaper dreams must have to do with knowing these people would never understand or accept my interest in diapers.

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    Funny you mention this, as I just had one last night. Usually I only have these dreams while I am wearing at night, but it usually involves my parents or friends finding out. Last night's dream involved me using a paci while diapered while in the bed next to them (presumably a hotel). For some reason I tried to hide it, and as my dad said someone had told him I may have a diaper, I woke up immediately. Luckily, these dreams seem to be so stressful that they literally wake me right up.

    Seems like 'Inside Out' had some truth about the 'scare-o-meter' to wake from dreams haha

    I also tend to have dreams that I'm wearing in a not so convenient place, and struggle to find a place to take it off or change.

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    I've had so many different diaper dreams, but like bambinod, now that I'm wearing a diaper to bed almost every night, I'm having dreams where I'm in some sort of social situation and I'm wearing a diaper. Often I'm a student again attending school, and I realize that I'm wearing a diaper and it's wet. I'm either trying to find an unoccupied bathroom where I can ditch it, or in some dreams, I'm no longer wearing pants and my diaper is exposed. In those dreams I'm desperately trying to find my pants so I can put them back on. Ugh!

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    Mine involve me wearing a diaper and trying to hide them from someone, but the keep getting exposed.

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    I've had my fair share of getting caught dreams. I know a couple years, these were flat out nightmares that woke me up with family finding out that I still wore diapers. However, more recently, any sort of diaper dreams, I'm just sort of wearing, my family and friends know about it, but they don't care and I don't care that they know, and the dream just goes on with other bits of weirdness.

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    Last night's feature was me in my footed jammies, and I had unzipped the front all the way down to the crotch for some reason, and was worried someone that was nearby was going to spot my diaper. Not paniced, just a bit worried. They either didn't see it or didn't mention it. Fortunately I tend to not get too stressed out in my "risking getting caught" dreams.

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    I had a close call before concerning dreams. I was diapered one night and I was sleeping soundly, next thing I know I had a horrible nightmare; it was of ever action my childhood bullies ever did to me, including trying to kill me. I woke up crying and I also wet myself. My mom came into the room when she heard me crying (note I was 17 at the time, still in high school, and I still cried like a baby, oh the irony). She sat on my bed, held me close, and hugged me until I settled down. I wonder if she ever noticed the wet diaper I had on. Course she did buy me plastic sheets a while later.

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    If I have a diaper related dream it's usually weird, it something along the lines of finding a vintage pack of pampers and pulling one out and seeing it appear larger than normal then the rest of the dream is me trying to find privacy to try to put it on but there are different interruptions that keep me from trying it

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