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Thread: Single Sex Drive Through the Roof, Partnered Sex Drive Non-Existant

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    Default Single Sex Drive Through the Roof, Partnered Sex Drive Non-Existant

    Am I the only one who has experienced the unusual sensation of wanting to perpetually pleasure myself when I am single... However, suddenly when I find someone who will indulge in my fetish my sex drive completely tanks?

    I know this may not be a common thing, but I wonder if it is. ABDL was like every spare moment I could find when I was single. I enjoyed gaming, had friends, and other hobbies, and lots of things I could do, but every single chance I was alone, before I could do anything else, I had to first get the monkey of my back so to say...

    Now that I have a loving girlfriend who is a baby girl (And hyper-sexual), all of a sudden I find that while I enjoy sex, and checking her, and touching her, and playing with her, I'd much rather watch shows, or play games, or go hang out with friends.

    The other side of that is before I had her, I was all over the net looking for ABDL content specifically of baby girls... Or just looking for baby girls to talk to that I could write stories for, and make happy. In other words I was as far as I could tell totally 100% daddy, and never really even tried to indulge the little side of me (Aside from liking wearing diapers once and awhile admirably). However, now that I'm with a baby girl, I find that my desires have totally switched, and that I honestly would rather have her take care of me then vice versa (For now anyways, I've never had it for an extended period, and I want to believe that it's just a temporary itch, and I'll become dominant again if I can ever satisfy it for a short while).

    I'm looking for feedback, who if anyone has experienced these things? Does it go away? Can you change it? Is there something I'm missing? Hope to hear back soon.

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    I had this issue with a partner. Between that and other thing it killed our relationship. It kinda confirmed my long held suspicion that I was asexual. I don't have any good answers for you except keep the lines of communication open.

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