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Thread: Climactically cool thing.

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    Baxter Whittenburg

    Default Climactically cool thing.

    So, I was at my female friend's house playing Banjo-Tooie. She's not a TB, but she's aware that I enjoy wearing, and we have sort of a sexual relationship in more than one way, so I didn't mind wearing my Pampers Cruisers to her house. I had frequent short periods of relief, but they accumulated. When we'd left her basement to go upstairs to play Halo, I stood up and it occurred to be how heavy my diaper was. There was no stain on the couch I was on, so I was relieved.

    We went upstairs, and I was able to choose between an armchair, or a folding chair, which didn't have fabric - I chose the latter, thinking quickly. Not surprisingly, I leaked a little, but before she could glance at me, I found a white cover on the ground, and wrapped myself in it; it's not at all something I wouldn't do anyway, and the cover was about to go into the wash as it was, so I didn't feel guilty. After sitting there for about a half an hour, the stain on the chair was gone, and the blanket left no trace either; I quickly threw it into the wash.

    I later changed and we went out to play basketball for the rest of the day.

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    *quickly adds the word to his vocabulary*

    The more you know, because knowledge is power! ^_^

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    I'm sorry- What's climactic?

    Anyway, kudos for your courage, and for having an understanding girlfriend.

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    I have a lot of trouble believing anyone that says they wear pampers cruisers around... unless you are like 12 with a 20 inch waist it just ain't possible...

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    Well he might have just put it in his pants so he still wears it but it's not taped, Just an idea, that's what I do when I have baby diapers around... but yeah the story seems alittle "fishy" but then again looking at his other posts Baxter doesnt seem to be one of those wierd adult types that just say total BS all the time so this story could indeed be true! :happy:

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    Looking at his posts?? He's got 4.

    Call me crazy... but I'm gonna be a little skeptical.

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    Baxter Whittenburg


    Hm. A little clarification might go a long way. I was writing this in the 5 minutes I had before leaving to school.

    Supplementing the following ~~~ will be an out-of-order list of responses to those who asked, or those I just want to say something to.


    -I do fit in Cruisers size 6's, but it's of unholy tightness; in this situation I was wearing 2 diapers taped to each other - it's a little tactic I use with diapers of that size.

    -She's not my girlfriend, but she may as well be.

    [email protected] thinking I made this up XDD. "Dude, I totally tricked all these guys over the internet! ckkkkkhhh."

    No. This post was only to tell you about something; don't be so paranoid as to think I would lie about, well, anything.

    -And, to the one who was confused about its climactic qualities: as I mentioned, I'd written this while being nearly rushed off to school. I'd have gone into more detail about how my heart sank when I saw that I'd wet the chair I was on, and how I slyly worked with the situation, had I not been so hurried.

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    Yeah but he's not writing, oooh I messed my dydee no1 wanna change meeeee? ooh by the way im just 11 years old and my parents spank me everynite becuz they think im a just a big baby...

    So yeah for me it doesnt seem that much made up, because Baxter seems smarter than those adult wierd horny ones,Atleast that's what I think!

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    The tards who make stuff up never give lengthy responses to skeptical posts, I think it's legit.

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    Banjo Tooie oh w00T!!!

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