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Thread: Goo.N Baby Diapers

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    Default Goo.N Baby Diapers

    I was on their website, and saw that they sold them on
    Does that mean they'll ship them in the US? Before I thought they only shipped to Japan.

    Has anyone tried these?
    The XLs are for 44 pounds and up. They've gotta be pretty big for a baby diaper.

    EDIT: Sorry, it was listed on
    Never mind, I guess. The discussion stands, though, has anyone tried them?

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    I just checked the site, looks like you can get a free sample of them if you register.


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    yup I tried it, I live in Hong Kong and I can get them at some selected japanese stores. The diaper is bigger than normal, but the XL still doesn't quite fit, I had to extend the Velcro. It's just that the absorbent area is wider. I haf a 31/32 inch hip and 26 inch waist. I'm guessing it's made for 30 inch or below hip and 25?? or below waist.

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