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    I've really been rushing through my posts recently and I'm afraid I may have come across as abrupt, or not bothering to respond to some people, or appearing to leave questions unanswered. More than anything, I'm afraid I may have offended some people whose opinions and posts I deeply respect and admire. If that is the case, then I am truly sorry, it was never my intent.

    I'm posting this in the Mature Topics forum, because that's where most of these issues have occurred, and I wanted to offer an explanation for what it's worth.

    I've been finding lately that there just haven't been enough hours in my day. Today is Saturday, and it's a little laid back this morning, and not too much work brought home on the weekend. Normally, I'm up at 5a.m. for a six mile run and off to the office for a very long day which most often requires additional hours on top of the regular hours for which I don't get paid. There's also a lot of unaccounted time just preparing my cases for Landlord-Tenant court to prevent my tenants from being evicted. Lately the hours have been overwhelming.

    I usually might have about twenty minutes in a day to spend on Adisc. I wish I had more than that, especially when the topics really hit home to me. There's so much I want to say, so much information I want to look up, but the time just hasn't been there to respond properly or effectively, or at least that's how it feels.

    It's probably been more difficult recently because I have been in the minority opinion (sometimes the lone wolf) in several threads recently, and it has been impossible to respond individually to every person who challenges my positions. With my limited time, I have often only been able to scan through responses and questions, and post quickly with a general response that I hope will encapsulate a number of the issues that were thrown at me. I feel like I'm ignoring some people so that I can tackle the posts that are of most concern to me, and really it isn't fair. A couple times, someone says 'did you even read that link I posted' and I probably haven't had the time, so I just went with the gist of the post instead. I feel guilty for posting something and getting a lot of responses, but not always taking time to read what others have thoughtfully researched and posted. I'm really sorry. Sometimes I just can't keep up with posts. When you have a dozen people that are comin' after you on your position and you can barely squeeze in half an hour at most to respond, it just piles up. I'm afraid the perception is that I'm ignoring some people or not bothering to respond.

    What I'm most afraid of is that sometimes my approach may have been too abrupt, quickly writing out responses without having taken enough time to look them over before posting. I feel that some of my more recent ones may have offended or insulted people, and if that is the case, again I am truly sorry. I was moving too fast without thinking.

    So that's how it's been going. I just wanted to put it out there. If anyone has any comments or suggestions for improvement, I could probably use them.

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    I think that you're over-reacting, Starrunner. While civility is a virtue everywhere, an internet discussion board, where you are potentially interacting with dozens of people at once, cannot be held to the same standards of etiquette as an actual conversation in real-time. You are under no obligation to respond to every single person, and it's unreasonable for anyone to expect you to. Nor do I think that you have been at all insulting or offensive. Some people, maybe even a majority, clearly disagree with your views, but that happens on a discussion board. If everyone agreed, there'd be nothing to discuss.

    Frankly, it sounds like you need a break. You're not going to help anyone if you end up having a nervous breakdown.

    EDIT: I might also add that the primary thread at issue is Political Correctness, and it seems to me that the people who have been disagreeing with you the most are those who have the most sceptical attitude towards it. It would be breathtakingly hypocritical for someone to decry political correctness, only to scream about being offended by something as innocuous as a slightly abrupt post on an internet discussion board.

    On this particular subject, if we were easily offended, we wouldn't be arguing with you.

    I don't want to make this personal, but from what I can infer about your politics and profession, is it possible that you have become accustomed to dealing with people who have far thinner skin than us, and have thus become conditioned to instinctively defuse and apologise, even when it isn't really warranted? Just curious.
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    Hmm, which joke do I go with? Canadian stereotype or "Blame Canada" song from South Park?

    Seriously, I hadn't noticed, so if this was written in part with me in mind, don't sweat it.

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    You almost sound like Obama on one of his apology tours. I'll be expecting my billion dollar foreign aid check shortly.

    P.S. I think many of us can tell by grammar, spelling and sentence structure when you're "just passing through".

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    There are often large areas of agreement in many of the posts, but it is natural to point out areas of disagreement rather than rehashing things that are agreed upon. I think sometimes this makes the posts appear more contentious than they actually are.

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    Oooh, here's the one I'll go with:

    "Get a load of this guy over here! He thinks he's being so offensive. Hell, I'm more offensive than that when I'm being nice!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldDragonAurkarm View Post
    Oooh, here's the one I'll go with:

    "Get a load of this guy over here! He thinks he's being so offensive. Hell, I'm more offensive than that when I'm being nice!"
    How about "I'm offended that he'd think I'd be offended!"

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. It's much appreciated. I think the whole thing spills over because I've had two threads on this site taking up 90 percent of my time. I was the odd person out on the 'Guns in America' thread, and as Maxx knows, it was pretty much me against half the population of the US, which was fine, but I was getting happy to see that thread fall down on the index page. I think we had close to 300 posts which may have been an Adisc record for the Mature Topics forum. Then I went onto the 'Politically Correct' thread, and although I expected some disagreement, I was surprised that I appeared to be the odd person out in that one as well. I just felt that I was defending my positions against everyone going as far back as September, and I was just getting a little tired of restricting my participation to pretty much two topics because of my limited time and an overwhelming number of posts in disagreement with my position. Nothing wrong with that, of course, I just wish I had more time to contribute. It's all good. I'm fine. Thanks again, everyone.

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