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Thread: Drug testing in Schools

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    Default Drug testing in Schools

    This being in the news lately(a school is actually implementing it)

    I was wondering what the community felt on this subject.

    I personally am against it, what a student does outside of school that has no effect on their e.c. activities should be no ones business but that persons.

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    I think it depends on what kind of drug tests, Steroids or marijuana.

    But personally, I would just see it as a waste of money. or it just won't be worth the cost.

    Also what happens if a kid has been using drugs of some kind, then what? Betting we will send the kid to rehab some shit like that too.

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    Yes, but only for all extracurricular activities. I mean all extracurricular activities, whether it is the Football team, the Band, or the Chess club. If you are going to test one group, then you have to test them all. Extracurricular activities are a privilege, not a right.

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    I'm for it, but you know, that would be A LOT of students getting busted.

    Either way it wouldn't worry me, we have to get tested every time we get a physical for football so about every year.

    Maybe hold it only for extra-curricular activities?

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    that's unconstitutional! and 70% of my school would fail a drug test. 33% of my school is on or has been on acid.

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    I'd say weekly/ random urine testing for all students, at most. It seems minimally invasive to privacy, and I believe it would bring grades up quite a bit, and lower behavioral problems, if many students weren't on drugs.

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    I'd support drug testing in schools only if there's evidence that suggests a student (or students) are involved in buying/selling/dealing/using within the school's jurisdiction, and it should only be done on those students involved. It definitely shouldn't be instated as a mandatory measure that all students have to follow. Even so, I think that such evidence should also have to suggest that the student is performing more poorly in school because of drug-usage. I know from my high-school days that some of the drug users in my grade also made some pretty solid grades, albeit knowing that isn't true in all cases.

    It's a huge invasion of privacy and students should have the right to not be tested at school "just because" it's a social problem these days. People have the freedom of choice to practice what they want, and non-involved parties should mind their own business about what people do in their own free time. School's think that because they play daycare to kids for 6 hours a day that they also have the right to interfere with their lives on private matters. (Note that I think it's good when they step in if they find a child is being abused or has problems at home).
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    I think there should be random testing. I mean seriously, for some jobs you have to take a drug test, so why should school be any different. And I can't seem to recall any part of the constitution that says children have rights. I don't know where the budget for this would come from, probably tax monies. Although I believe they probably wouldn't have very harsh consequences for the offenders, probably some cushy rehab clinic, at the taxpayers expense too.

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