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Thread: Going to an ABDL party today!

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    Default Going to an ABDL party today!

    It's actually called a little invasion. But it will be all ABDL/littles. We rent a space about 3 times a year and get together. It's an amazing experience being in diapers among others. There is actually a room at this club all decorated as a littles room. There are games to play food and diaper changes upon request! Some people sleepover but not me. This will be my second time going. I can't wait. I am going to be really little this time

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    huh interesting event... just saw it on fetlife. It sounds like quite a bit of fun lol...the "Dress code:
    Anything goes! Diapers, your birthday suit, "little" outfits, sissy outfits, costumes...whatever! "
    but ya... personally it's a little bit out of my comfort zone but the list of activities sound fun.

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    It was out of my zone the first time too. I sat in my car and put it in reverse twice before I forced myself to in. So glad I did!

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