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Thread: Road trips, bringing diapers inside gas station

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    Default Road trips, bringing diapers inside gas station

    have any of you guys been on a road trip and carried a diaper into the gas station where everyone saw you and into the bathroom? Its pretty fun because you are traveling and no one knows you. lol

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    Personally, I have not. That's funny though. Hey - this looks like you fist post? Welcome! Please introduce yourself a little more and tell us some of your other interests.

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    I have walked into multiple places carrying just a diaper a few times, mines just a plain white dry 24/7 no one cares or notices for the most part if you are carrying a folded up diaper.

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    This always happens to me. Dont be scared. im holding my diaper and changing pad under my arms

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    I've done this, though never carrying an exposed diaper. For public changing situations I use a laptop bag as my diaper bag and the most anybody ever sees me doing is throwing the used one away.

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    Have done it many times; when at a rest stop on a toll road/superhighway where there are many people you are less conspicuous; or, as others have said when you go to a small gas station where there is a single-person rest room there is less chance you will be noticed. I usually bring my clean diaper in a plastic bag and use the bag for disposal of my used one. No one has ever said anything to me about it.

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    When I'm traveling via smaller vehicle (car, pickup truck, van), sure, the smaller gas stations and rest area larger stalls, work fine (I've even changed in a few Starbucks restrooms too). But, when in the big truck, I can change, back in the sleeper area-and also using that same "drop bag" idea, to toss the used diapers away, in a nearby trash receptacle. No one seems to notice (or, maybe even care??). If I'm having to change, in some sort of public facility, I'll have all my supplies (diapers, wipes, powder, drop bags, ETC.) in a small gym bag, that I'll carry in with me. I have seen though, a few guys, carrying in a single diaper, to change into-I just give them a smile and a thumbs up.

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    Honestly why WOULD anyone say anything? Even if they're weirded out, it's not like they're going to go up to you and say so. Worst case scenario, some little kid sees you and asks their parent(s) why a full-grown person needs to wear diapers.

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    I've done it many times but I have some of these rectangle bags made of thin fabric that I put my diapers in. They came as shoe bags with a suitcase set but they're the perfect size for an adult diaper. It may look a little strange but I feel more comfortable using the bag than just carrying a bare diaper.
    Other times I've taken a diaper I under my shirt and under my arm.

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    Yep. Done that.
    I have also taken with me a diaper in hand to the toilet a picnic stop (roadstop) at roads with lots of people there, even had to take my dirty (wet) diaper with me out to a trashcan near the picnic tables because there was no trashcan in the toilet

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