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Thread: What's your favorite AB/DL company? Why?

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    Default What's your favorite AB/DL company? Why?

    Myself personally, it would go to ABUniverse.

    Although they're somewhat up there in the pricey side, especially for Canadians, the way Casey interacts with everyone is beyond what's excepted for a AB/DL company owner.

    They had a weird beginning. However, Casey really pulled the company out of the rubble, and has continued to give 10/10 costumer service. I also love the designs on their diapers. Just wish they would come out with new AB/DL stuff (i.e. Onesies, pacifiers, bottles). *tsk tsk*

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    Aww So Cute would have to be my favorite at the moment. They are the only AB/DL manufacturer in circulation that offer enough incentive to justify international sales. Only wish their customer support and selection was a little better.

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    Good question. I'm honestly not sure. I wish there was a comprehensive list somewhere of all the AB/DL companies producing diapers with relevant info. It's hard to keep up when there seems to new companies springing up every day.

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