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Thread: Hello from New England!

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    Default Hello from New England!

    Hello all! My name is Karen, and I am 21 years old. I'm a die hard New Englander and always will be. I'm currently a junior in college studying psychology, with an added interest in social work. After graduating, I hope to continue on to Grad school and get my Masters in Social Work.

    As for wearing diapers, it's always been an interest of mine. I have tried it out numerous times throughout my teenage years and early into college, but was never consistent with it. Recently, I was given a new medication, in addition to my current meds. The new combination works has worked well and helped tremendously, but there's a small problem. It's caused me to not be able to realize that I need to go more than half the time, resulting in wet clothing. I've spoken to three of my providers about the issue and together, we have decided that I should keep the med because the benefits far out weigh the side effects, and I've been on almost all other options with no luck. So they say as long as I'm not embarrassed by it, I can continue taking my meds until I no longer need them and wear some form of protection roughly 24/7 as I don't know when it will happen next. Given my previous history, I have no problem with it and I've been comfortably wearing most/all of the time for about a month now.

    I hope to meet people with similar interests or situations. I'd also to like to blog(?) about my experiences as a 21 year old going through daily life as college student, (classes, parties, friendships, work, etc...) while needing to wear a diaper.

    Other random info, I am an equestrian, and I enjoy studying anything related to psychology or health science.

    Hope this wasn't too long! I look forward to talking with you all!


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    Not long at all! Fantastic intro! Welcome Karen! There are many here with similar medical conditions and interests. I know of one other equestrian and I know of at least one other grad student who I think will be graduating soon (business related). I suppose you're a Patriots and /or Red Sox fan? We won't hold it against you if you are.

    Feel free to blog away! Many blog on a weekly basis and they are well read. We would love to hear about your experiences.

    Have fun here!

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    Wow you rock Karen! Welcome to the site! I've got Gronk and ~had~ Dion Lewis in my fantasy league

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    Nice introduction, Karen. It gives a fairly clear description of how future discussions will play out here at ADISC. Sorry to hear that your medication is causing you to be Incontinent, there is a support group here for that.

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    Hi Karen and welcome. We're big Virginia Tech football fans at my house, and Boston College is always a big game. Those New Englanders know how to play football, though BC had their problems this year.

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    Welcome to the group Karen

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    Well written introduction, Karen. Glad to see another die-hard New Englander in here. There's no better place on the planet to live year-round, IMO. No fleeing south permanently for me. I'm looking forward to another challenging winter like last year and am hoping we get some significant snow in time for Christmas.

    Hats off to your career path intentions. The world needs more folks like yourself!

    Anyway, welcome to this discussion group. It's a great resource and it's obvious you'll fit right in.

    Merry Christmas!

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    Hi Karen. It's nice to meet another woman who is in diapers 24 / 7. I wear diapers full time too, but it's by choice in my case. I hope that you are getting adjusted to being in diapers 24 / 7 ok.

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    Hi Karen! Fellow New Englander here and also a junior in college! I am studying Bio and would love to chat and get to know you better as you seem like an awesome person. Also way to blow it out of the park with an awesome intro that describes you so well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeepingUpWithKaren View Post
    Other random info, I am an equestrian, and I enjoy studying anything related to psychology or health science.
    Welcome to the boards. It's going to be fun trying to guess by sheer triangulation what part of New England you're from. But judging from the fact that you described yourself as an "equestrian" instead of saying "I ride horses" tells me that you are from a heavily rural area where it's not uncommon for people to own or raise horses. (Sorry for Sherlocking you there, I like to show off)

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