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Thread: Baby / Toddler diapers/nappies from 1990s - Don't remember Name, Brand, do remember Colour

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    Default Baby / Toddler diapers/nappies from 1990s - Don't remember Name, Brand, do remember Colour

    I'm trying to remember the diapers/nappies that I er, brorrowed, from my parents closet in the 1990s.

    From New Zealand, they were probably either Treasures, or Huggies

    I seem to remember them being an all over blue (boy), or red (girl) with kind of liferings on the outside.

    They were advertised with toddlers playing tennis and crap, so they were aimed at slightly older (not babies) toddlers.

    For the life of me, I can't remember what they were called
    I think that they were super-something

    Anyone able to help please

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    Very easy just Google New Zealand diaper ads of the 90's
    Images .
    There you go:-)

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    Can't help, but I have a similar mystery I'm trying to solve. I found an old box of the baby diapers I used to wear in the '90s called "Baby's Favorites" but a google search turns up absolutely nothing. It's as if they never existed. I'm guessing they're some sort of generic brand produced for a store. It's hard to find any info on some of these more obscure brands even when you have a name and the cardboard box they came in. Good luck.

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