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Thread: Have you ever had to admit to anyone that you were a diaper lover?

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    Default Have you ever had to admit to anyone that you were a diaper lover?

    Have you ever had to admit to anyone that you were a diaper lover? How did it turn out? Have you ever even rejected?

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    "Admit" is an interesting choice of words. I've told people who were not DLs that I am a DL. Not many, just a few close friends. I didn't have to tell them though, I chose to because I wanted to let them into a sensitive part of my life and have someone close to me to talk to about these things (ADISC is great support, but different than chatting with just one or two close friends). I've never had to admit it to anyone though, I think that would only come up if you got caught or were asexual outside of a diaper fetish and needed them to make things work with another person.

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    Oh god, no, I perish the thought. I fail to see the benefits that would make it worthwhile to come out about such a thing anyway; to much can go wrong and the unforeseen consequences of doing so scares me to much... I take enough solace in being open with a community full of likeminded people and that's enough for me...

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    I did have to admit it to my mom a while back when I got caught. Sat down and talked to her about it. She felt it was a "phase" and it never got brought back up. I did openly admit it to a good friend but I regret doing that. While he took it well and tried to be understanding ,we became more distant and eventually stopped talking shortly after.

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    My wife before we were married. I was still living at home in my parents basement when my then girl friend came in late one night to stay over. I was still sleeping and she crawled into bed with me while I was wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants. She felt them and then I woke up . We had a very late night with me explaining what I was wearing. It did not scare her away we did marry and have remained together for over 30 years.

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    My decease wife and my girl friend no one else needs to know.

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    Yes, I had to admit it--to my wife, about 13 years into our marriage, when she stumbled upon some cloth diapers that I'd done a poor job of stashing. We'd cloth-diapered our kids only a few years before, and still had some of those diapers around, but of course the ones she discovered were adult-sized. Things worked out, which is to say that both my affair with diapers and my relationship with my wife have continued along their separate paths, seemingly without any harm. This all took place about three years ago, and diapers have been discussed only a few times since then, though thankfully in a lighthearted way.

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    It was not so much being a "DL", it was being extremely glad to know I had protection that kept me from wetting the bed at night. My first serious relationship in college was going well until the second time I stayed at my girlfriend's apartment I had a slight accident. She was not very happy about even this small accident. The next time we got together I brought along my protection and told her I had it and was going to wear it just as I did in my dorm room each night and my dorm mate knew about it. This got into a long discussion for about a half hour but she eventually accepted my logic of it being better to contain any accident then wet myself, the sheets and her. I woke up dry that time and another time after that but another time I woke up quite wet and she was making me breakfast. I was wearing running shorts over my protection the first time I wore protection at night at her place, but she thought it looked silly as my leg openings still showed the plastic underpants and told me she did not mind me just wearing a tee shirt to bed and nothing covering my plastic underpants. That morning she was just wearting a short tee shirt and her panties and I was just weaing my tee shirt and protection. Though I felt odd about it she just made a joke about not leaking on the carpet while we ate and we talked about other things. I never regretted having to tell her I needed extra security at night and she even had me put some of my cloth briefs and plastic underpants at her apartment to save me from carting it back and forth. We eventually separated due to other reasons (we just grew apart) and I went on to several other relationships. It did not seem to matter whether a guy or girl, most understood and actually appreciated my responsibilty and took it OK, but a few were turned off by it and I understood.

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    I had to tell my wife when she discovered my Amazon diaper order and that was not easy. In fact, it's what brought me to ADISC as I needed to seek advise. I also had to tell my best friend from college when I told him I had joined a blog site. He asked which one and then there was a long pause. Since he was my lover in college, I knew he would accept me and all that went with it. I think he was the first openly gay high school principle and was honored as a Fellow to the Kennedy Center, so I knew I could tell him. He's an amazing person.

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    My dad knows, hinted to my brother about it, my ex therapist, and that's about it.

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