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    So i have been wanting to try a cloth diaper. I can sew and I also wanna make my own, but that will be later. I have spoken to my wife and she has agreed to let me get what i need for a cloth diaper to try them out. she wants to make sure they work great befor spending alot of money on them.
    So i have been looking around and looking at prices. If you have any suggestions that would be vary helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lillbabybuga View Post
    So i have been wanting to try a cloth diaper.
    Do tell! If you're itching to try 'em, then you've probably got some idea of what you're after. Otherwise, you might start by reading through one of our ADISC articles. It's a little behind the times--we now have wonderful adult-sized pocket diapers, cloth training pants, etc.--but it's a great intro nonetheless.

    Hope that helps. Cloth diapers are a world unto themselves, though, so without a sense of what you're after, it would be easy for one of us clothies to write a ton and still totally miss the mark.

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