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Thread: Tesco Free Spirit - for males?

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    Default Tesco Free Spirit - for males?

    I bought these a few days ago, large size, because they were the only ones on the shelf. I can fit into DryNites for 8 - 14 year old boys, so these are far too big. Even so I thought they would suffice, but they're absolutely hopeless. They don't seem nearly wide enough between the legs so there is a gap at each side, so they leak almost immediately when I start wetting if I'm sitting down.

    This is them here:

    Has anyone else here tried these? The pack doesn't say what sex they are designed for, and the blue colour suggests that they should fit men.

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    It might be that you've gone for too large a size. They won't be very high quality any case. Boots in the UK do a slip nappy that you should find works well for it's price and it can usually be found on shelves.

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