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Thread: Farther away than what i thought, closer than i was.

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    Arrow Farther away than what i thought, closer than i was.

    Hello it's me again, While i was gone i Struggled a lot with who i was and what i wanted to be, still i kept persevering, eventually I told my friends who gave me advice and told me that basically that everyone struggles with weird fetishes, and it's how you deal with it that matters, I remember posting a thread about accepting myself, well there's good and bad news about that, the bad news is i'm not quite there yet, the good news is that i am better and closer than i was, I rushed things i admit it now, i rushed this whole smester and i get nervous if i don't Also because of past events I beleve and one of my friends believe i have generalized anxiety disorder, which makes sense, due to past events, and i didn't exactally do well this smester due to nerves, however i am still determined to compleate it, and i'm just a bit worried that i wont graduate on time, due to my grades and how this semester was, also i am thinging about starting a blog here but am nervous that what i post, will change peoples opinion of me, and it gets overwelming, and i get nervous and post the wrong thing and i get nervous and its hard to know what to do

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    START THE BLOG!!! And much as it is easier said than done DON'T worry about other's opinions of you changing... you don't really know what any of us really think about you anyway... so what's to say you don't actually give us greater respect for you because of what you share in your blogs??? Ultimately, if blogging would be a great release for you then GO FOR IT!!! I'll read your blogs!!!

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