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Thread: Diapers and Butt Plugs

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    Default Diapers and Butt Plugs

    Sometimes I really get the urge to use a small butt plug while I'm diapered. Does anyone else like to do this?

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    Butt plugs, chastity devices, pretty much anything BDSM-y goes well with diapers. You'll find there's a lot of crossover between the two communities. Being primarily a support forum the kinkier sides of this thing don't tend to show themselves as much, but it's definitely out there.

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    I'm not normally one for anal play but I do occasionally like a butt plug while diapered.

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    Butt plugs are fun, I've used them together with diapers but I want to find one that allows gas to escape because it can become uncomfortable after a while.

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    Well there are hollow butt plugs with holes right through the middle that would allow gas to escape. They unfortunately can have other effects as well. I got one for my girlfriend to use, eventually we had the idea of her using it in public with a large fluffy diaper and her cutest lolita dress on, hasn't happened yet, but it would certainly make her feel little, and probably embarrassed.

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    I love wearing a plug inside a diaper. Not only does the diaper hide the plug, but the added arousal caused by it....

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    WTH. Butt plugs. Craziest thing I ever heard. Isn't what diapers are used for- pee and poop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortsub View Post
    I love wearing a plug inside a diaper. Not only does the diaper hide the plug, but the added arousal caused by it....
    I'm just guessing but maybe that's part of the ceding of control. aci:

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    I guess this is for the submissive types out there. Which would be me as well. Ceding control is something that has always been a part of me as well. I remember being in school and seeing someone in crutches or something and wanting to be in the same position. Do you think BDSM can be stemmed from a young age like ABDL? Because I've had BDSM desires as long as I had my little side.
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