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Thread: Is anybody in this forum an actual biologic girl?

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    Default Is anybody in this forum an actual biologic girl?

    Just curious, because it seems like everyone is either a sissy or what have you.

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    Yes, there are women here. You just have to find them.

    What's a "What have you"?

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    Do you mean in this site as a whole, or one that is in this thread topic consistently? I am female, but must say I am usually not in this particular thread.

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    There are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    Yes, there are women here. You just have to find them.

    What's a "What have you"?
    That is a good question.

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    A "what have you" is anyone else in this sub forum who isn't 's biologic girl, be it trans or whatever. I don't really get what all the identities are.

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    I'm trans, but you'll find that the whole "Biological" thing doesn't really mean much here, Well it does but not in an identification way. I like to think of this area as a place where I can freely be the gender that I identify with without judgement. So to answer your question: Yes, there are actual biological females on this site and in this area of the forum, but there are also a few, like myself, who don't like to be bound by the restrictions of biological design.

    I like to think of it as a game sort of, not in a discriminatory way, but in a sort of fun way, it's fun to not know who is actually what gender, because honestly who cares? The answer to that question is obvious, or rather it should be obvious. Some people do, but most people don't. And to those that do they probably shouldn't. If you're looking for a girl though who is actually a girl, play some Where's Waldo, that's what I do if I need to ask biological girls a question.

    That said technically you could consider someone with the gender operation biologically female since they have all the parts (Albeit not perfectly copied) but thats an entirely different discussion.

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    Didn't anybody ever tell you??????
    There are no "girls" on the internet.
    No "girls" are actually gamers either.
    Any "girl" under the age of 18 is a cop.
    Any "girl" over the age of 18 is a guy pretending to be one.

    LMAO!!!!! Just Kidding
    Yes, there are actual honest to goodness girls on this site! Its true!
    And some of us do come into and post in this section too! Really!

    It says right in the Title "Girls" doesn't it? :p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kissy View Post
    I'm a biological girl!
    Me too!!

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