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Thread: Your favorite thing to sleep with?

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    Default Your favorite thing to sleep with?

    What is your favorite thing to sleep with? Stuffed animal or any other object? Just thought I might ask what others do? I just sleep by myself!

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    For me - its a blanket with a silk or nylon trim. Sucking my thumb and holding the blanket helps me relax and go to sleep.

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    I have a certain pillow that is absolutely squishy, soft, and broken into. When it has its special silky feeling case on it, I just want to snuggle in it all night.

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    I have a Sully Monsters Inc. Pillow Pet that is super soft. When I'm feeling ~little I love holding onto him while I sleep.

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    I have a favorite stuffed penguin I sleep with that my wife gave me as a 'little' gift years ago.

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    My baby dolly friends, "Pam" and "Emily".

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    My plushy "Blue" and Annie, my 11 year old dog that my wife and I got instead of a 15th Anniversary gift. Miss my wife who passed almost 2 years ago and our 13 year old Westie that passed November 1st. Blue gets a bit of crushing at times since there is no one these to cuddle and hug.

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    Set of 4 plushies. One big wolf on one side and then a little fox, Twilight Sparkle, and a little doggie all together on the other side.

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