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    So my living situation won't really allow me to wear much. I have 3 roommates who are always here and my bedroom door doesn't lock. Plus when I wear diapers, I want to wear for long periods of time. I was thinking about driving to a close city, booking a hotel and having a diaper weekend. I could wear out in public and back at the hotel. Go see a movie, order takeout, and just relax alone. Has anyone done something similar to this??

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    I haven't done it just for that purpose, but I've definitely taken advantage of some alone time to diaper up in a hotel room alone instead of sharing one.

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    you might consider changing the knob on your bedroom door to something that can be locked

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    regardless of the motivation, alone time is a wonderful gift to the self!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortsub View Post
    regardless of the motivation, alone time is a wonderful gift to the self!
    Totally agree! I haven't had some in awhile.

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    This sounds like an awesome idea. I want to go camping/hiking while diapered but i've never done it

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    A number of people have done this. My boyfriend of college and I rented a motel room because my mom didn't approve of him once she discovered I was gay. She of course blamed him, and then made me see a psychiatrist. So hotels have been the respite for many who have wanted the privacy to do their own thing.

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