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    Default Diaper rash

    I know there's a current thread with a similar title, but my problem's a little different.

    I've had this itch off and on between my right thigh and crotch for about a month. Yesterday I noticed some pink discoloration at the site. I'm wondering if this is just diaper rash or an actual rash/infection. I wear once every other week or so for usually around 4 hours. Is that frequent enough to cause such a persistent rash?

    God, I hope it's not diaper rash. That would mean not taping up while it heals and I just bought a bunch of Tykables.

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    you'll need to be more specific on the rash - could be a rash, eccema, or yeast. And those require very different treatments.

    - where is it?
    - what does it look like?
    - how does it feel? (pins, burning, etc)
    - what relieves or inflames it? (things like talc, lotion, wet facecloth)
    - texture? (smooth, bumpy, dry/cracked)
    - any odor?

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    - where is it? At the top of my thigh where it meets my crotch.
    - what does it look like? It's slightly pink with some white dry skin.
    - how does it feel? (pins, burning, etc) just a good old fashioned itch
    - what relieves or inflames it? (things like talc, lotion, wet facecloth) nothing seems to do anything. It happens randomly.
    - texture? (smooth, bumpy, dry/cracked) it could be classified as slightly cracked since there's some white dry skin on it.
    - any odor? I mean no more than a crotch normally stinks.

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    I've had the same thing for awhile now like 3 months it itches it's cracked dry flakes and burns/hurts when I mess in my diaper any help with what this is its on the bottom of my sack

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    While a few of your indications suggest eccema, I think the vast majority are saying yeast. I used to deal with that all the time, and put an abrupt stop to it with Zeesorb. Get "AF" (anti-fungal), it comes in several varieties. You should be able to pick up a small bottle of it for under $12 at any drugstore. I use it both between my toes and right where you are hurting. I put on a generous dose every morning before taping up for work. I lay my diaper out open on the bed, sit down, and dump a layer on both sides (with my diaper catching the overflow) and then immediately stand and tape up. I use it between my toes also, which put an immediate end to my cracking skin between my last two toes. Good stuff.

    It works really fast even when you've got a case fired up. Diaper up before bed, with a diaper that has tall enough leak guards to easily seat them in the creases. Lay down a good layer of powder, tape up, and get to bed. Dont wet your diaper. You'll be feeling a LOT better by morning. Zeesorb can be bought on ebay or amazon for about $7-8/bottle, shipped, in quantities of 5-7. I reorder when I'm down to my last one.

    You will need to avoid using cornstarch in those creases. If you need to powder up there, either use Zeesorb or straight talc. While both talc and cornstarch will help keep your skin dry to discourage yeast, yeast feeds on cornstarch, so don't give it any help. I just do the zeesorb in the morning, all other times I go with talc. And once you have the yeast beaten back, you can resume using your diapers as long as you continue to regularly apply Zeesorb. I tried to go back to just talc, but found that it was a tricky balancing act to keep the yeast at bay and not dry my skin out enough to get eccema, which hurts as bad as the yeast.

    It's also a god idea to clean up between diaper changes if you're wet, specifically in those two creases, I use a facecloth and warm water. Then apply either talc or zeesoerb after my skin has dried out a bit before diapering back up. All of the above is a little more work, but will save you a lot of grief, and let you enjoy your hobby more.

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