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Thread: Greeting From New York!!!

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    Default Greeting From New York!!!

    Hi my name is David. I am 22 this year, I am originally from Malaysia and I just came to the states to study for my bachelor degree. I have been a diaper lover since I was kid and I finally be able to wear diapers as I like. I love this land of freedom! =)

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    Welcome David! It is a great place for freedom, isn't it? Please tell us a little more about yourself like your hobbies and interests.

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    I'm a gamer who likes a variety of games (except racing). I also enjoy watching sci-fi and action movies. However, busy school days wont allow me to have time to game much, so I can only rely on wearing diaper to reduce my stress. I am a pure diaper lover (not AB at all) and I love baby diapers because they are cute! I just ordered a box of pampers cruiser, hopefully will arrive soon =)

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    Welcome! I'm a big fan of wearing during university also. Its easy to hear the crinkle in a quiet library

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaPaddedGamecock View Post
    Welcome! I'm a big fan of wearing during university also. Its easy to hear the crinkle in a quiet library
    I know, it is such a risky excitement!!! Also wearing diapers makes me easier to focus on study and getting good grades

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    What is your major? I got my degree (a long time ago) in Electrical Engineering.

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    Mechanical Engineering.
    Wow, u must be real hardworking and smart XD

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    Greetings David,

    I am looking forward to knowing what you are studying. BabyDenise asked what is your major. Perhaps you did not realize that we take great interest in knowing these things. For example I have a Masters degree in applied mathematics.

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    Good Evening David,

    I have a bachelor's degree in Electronics.
    But I am retired on disability.
    (Cerebral Palsy/Autism)

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    Lots of engineers here. I did computer engineering myself.

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