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    Hello Guy, I was wanting to ask you guys that does Huggies Overnites fit me? I'm having a waist of 28-29 does it fit me well? With lots of space in it?

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    I will say no, they may barely fit but you are going to have trouble with the tapes, I've tried them in size 6 with a waist of 26-28 and the fit wasn't great. I will suggest getting pampers size 6 because of the stretchy tapes, that could work for you.

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    But some people said they can go until 34 waist

    Anyone can tell me if Huggies Overnites size 6 fot 28 or 29 waist?
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    From personal experience, when I was about 12/13 I tried Huggies size 6 and they were a nightmare to wear and back then I was a had 28" waist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funzy View Post
    But some people said they can go until 34 waist
    They cannot. Not without modding. Tape-to-tape, the back of Huggies Overnights 6 measures about 17 inches. The width of the taping zone in front is 6 inches. Assuming roughly 2 inches of overlap to secure the tapes, that's 21 inches before stretching. Which brings me to: The tapes on these diapers aren't very stretchy--nothing like Pampers. There is absolutely no way that you're going to get 12 more inches out of them. You'll get about 4 total (two on each side), which brings you up to 25 inches. Some people try taping to the "ears" of the diaper (the tab-looking things on the front sides) rather than the taping zone. That'll get you another few inches, but the adhesion isn't very good there, and the tapes will usually pop loose after a very short time.

    Last but not least, the rise of Huggies Overnights 6 is 20 inches, and that includes any necessary allowances for "man bits". That's 3 inches shorter than GoodNites L/XL, which for adults, is already on the short (low-riding) side.

    If you're determined to stretch into a baby diaper, you're pretty much stuck with Pampers. They'll still be tight, but you should have no trouble taping up Baby Dry 6, which is probably the most common "large" Pampers diaper you'll find. As a testament to the stretchiness of Pampers--and to my stretching skill!--I've several times managed to stretch into Baby Dry 6. I have a 38-inch waist, but because of the low rise of the diaper (it's longer than Huggies, though), it's actually going around my 44-inch hips. Needless to say, these diapers are exceptionally tight on me, and it's not my preferred way to use them, but I still find it amusing that I can "wear" a baby diaper without modification if I want to.


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    I have always Used the Pampers Baby Dry 6's. I have a 32" waist and they fit with lots of stretching.

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    They'll "fit" with cottontail extenders-- and only as a "shield." This is how I play with them, but I wouldn't call it "wearing." Walgreen's and Walmart's size 6's will fit better, as will Pampers.

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    As others have said, the simple answer is no. There is a tutorial on the site here for some extenders you can make from a pampers. They work very well. I regularly use them to tape up a Huggies Little Movers (I have about a 31ish inch waist). It works, and I love using a baby diaper more than anything else, but they're not very realistic. I typically wear one with a Goodnite over the top of it. I can wet it if I go slowly and it works for one small to regular sized wetting, but not much more. Still worth a shot though if that's what you want to wear!

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