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    A while ago i was wearing a super dry kids diaper and had a thin barrier of petroleum jelly on my back side. After sitting at a desk for a couple of hours and granted being wet I received a bad rash on my behind where the barrier was. It took 2 weeks to go away and I was wondering if anyone had advice or experienced this before... also how to prevent it moving forward?


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    Do you have particularly sensitive skin by any chance? AKA is it possible you just didn't put enough jelly on? Or was the rash only where the jelly had been? If that's the case then it kind of sounds like you might have an allergy to something in the jelly which is irritating your skin.

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    I would suspect an allergy. We're all different of course, but I sleep in wet diapers for 8 hours and never get rashes, but that doesn't mean much. You may have had a reaction to the petroleum jelly. I would try using J.& J. night time baby lotion and see if you react. If you have sensitive skin, you might try some Desitin. We've use that on our children when they were babies and it works well.

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    I had to switch years a go from petroleum jelly to something different, I found that Johnson's Baby Oil Gel work grate for stopping diaper rash.

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    To be honest, I try not to sit too long in a wet diaper, sometimes I get them if I don't dry my diaper area between changes, even with powder, lets face it diapers aren't meant to be worn wet for 8 hours.

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    I have learned over the years to have some type of barrier cream, I ideally use desitin with a little powder, or petroleum jelly with a little powder, if I do get a little rash I just use the cream, no powder, it also helps if your area is trimmed and cleaned very good at every change.

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    For me at least, my skin really doesn't care about being in a wet diaper for awhile. It's not too unusual for my overnight diaper to get wet before going to sleep, so that's a full 8 hrs of exposure. Bare plastic on the other hand, gives me pimples from hell. This is a problem with the side wings on my diapers - and I always have to lay down a heavy dose of talc on my hips after diapering up, or I'll be paying for it later. My skin just needs to breathe I guess. I have the same issue under my butt cheeks where the elastic in the back widens out, that also needs talc or will develop pimples. So, yeah... my room smells like baby powder a bit... :P But I kinda like it

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