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Thread: I tried Formula Tonight!

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    Default I tried Formula Tonight!

    Yup. I did it!
    We have a newborn at home. My wife jokes that now we have TWO babies in the house! I have always wanted to try formula. Anything "baby" I can try to make my AB experience more complete, I will at least go for it.

    Before I get you all telling me that it's bad to drink formula blah, blah, blah..... let me say that it was only the one time (so far!) and I am not going to go and change my diet to just formula or anything. It's just for fun!

    Now, for the review. This is mainly for anyone that until an hour ago, was just like me, on the fence about trying it.

    I had two brands to choose from...the first was Enfamil, which we bought because our baby likes it and I fills the need when my wife falls behind. I found that hard to get down. I only tired about a shot-glass worth. The smell was the worst. Probably because it's what my baby spits-up! EW!

    The other brand was the Similac Advance stuff, which the hospital gave us. So, I mixed up a portion of that per instructions. This stuff, I must say was no where near as bad smelling as the other. It had a nice frothy consistency to it. I took a quick sip, and I was surprised that it was not as bad as I expected! To be perfectly honest, it had sort of a almond-milk flavor to it (based on MY taste buds anyway).

    After a few minutes, I figured since it did not make me sick, and it tasted sort of nice, I mixed up an entire 9OZ baby bottle of it. I actually found it tasted better with cold water, rather than warm, so I stuck in the refrigerator. After my wife and baby went off to bed, I got into a nice fresh diaper, put on my favorite baby cloths and sat down to drink the bottle.

    I am impressed with myself that I actually drank the WHOLE BOTTLE! It was rather pleasant cold. There was no after-taste either. It made me feel SO little. ALMOST as exciting as the first time putting on an adult diaper, or being fed baby food!

    So, like I said, if you are on the fence, I say go for it! At least the Similac. Don't worry about the hype. I will never drink enough of it to worry!

    So, I am a fan! I can see myself enjoying a bottle again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyBride View Post
    Before I get you all telling me that it's bad to drink formula blah, blah, blah..... let me say that it was only the one time (so far!) and I am not going to go and change my diet to just formula or anything. It's just for fun!
    THere seem to be a lot of people who think this way, and for the life me I can't understand why. It's not like infants are a completely different species. Cows, on the other hand, are, but that doesn't stop people drinking cow's milk. Practically nothing is nutritionally balanced for an adult on its own.

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    For the record, I also second that Similac is better tasting than Enfamil. I wouldn't drink it all the time but I would say if anyone were to try it for the first time, Similac is probably the better option. Enfamil smells and tastes disgusting.

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    I have used Similac myself and found it ok. Like others, I will drink no more than two bottles a day and then probably not have another for several weeks. I don't think that would do anybody any harm.

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    I like Similac too. It has the vanilla-like taste that I remember from childhood. I don't drink it too often though.

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    Quite a while back, I did try some Enfamil.
    An interesting experience to say the least.

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    I drink formula a lot and I don't find anything wrong with it at all. I just get the formula with low iron in it.
    I love the taste of it

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    I love the low-iron Similac. It is perfect warmed up and in a bottie.

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    While I enjoy a warm bottle of Similac, I actually love the taste of Enfamil. I only drink formula occasionally and it must be the liquid ready mix and it has to be warm, I have tried, but never found, a powdered formula mix that tastes the same as the ready mix. I am feeling a regression coming on just thinking of this.

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