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Thread: Does putting a new diaper cause you to instantly wet?

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    Default Does putting a new diaper cause you to instantly wet?

    Now granted, I am an incontinent diaper wearer. But it just freaks me out that after changing into a nice clean dry diaper, my bladder, with a mind of its own, often wants to claim the diaper immediately.

    Perhaps it is because i relax knowing I am protected? Is this something others have experienced?

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    Occasionally yes. I do notice sometimes that a few minutes after changing that there's a bit of damp but I usually empty out my bladder before changing though.

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    It's happened to me a few times as well. I would be putting on a new diaper and feel nothing from my bladder, then boom! I for some reason feel like using the bathroom. I try and hold it but the inevitable eventually happens, and I just use it. Because, hey that's what diapers are for. So I figured since it's wet I'll just change and be done with it. Then from then on I know I'll be good for a while.

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    usually yes, a fresh diaper lasts about 10-20 mins. sometimes not even that, then my bladder claimes the new diaper too - and there I am, in another wet diaper.
    Well, that's why I need diapers in the first place.......sudden urges and my bladder just letting lose

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    I have found that to even after peeing in the toilet mid change but that's the nature of an OAB I have no idea when it's going to release.

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    That happens to me all the time. It would be nice to spend some time in a dry diaper.

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    Happens sometimes for me as well. Course, the worse part for me is, the time I first changed in my college dorm's bathroom, it happened. Luckily the guys in the other areas of the bathroom were blasting their music.

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    This was a question I had thought about asking, but you beat me to it! I have been wondering if this happens to anyone else. More often than not I can pee in the toilet, then put on a fresh diaper two minutes later and my brain tells my bladder "incoming, fresh diaper alert... fresh diaper alert, he just taped it on, release the reserve pee now!". I probably would look crazy talking to myself and the fresh diaper, if anyone was watching me "No, I just put this on, we are not wetting it yet, you have to wait!". I just used the toilet, what the hell is going on here? Most of the time I hold it in and since it's "reserve" pee the feeling goes away in a few seconds and my diaper stays dry for a little while longer.

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    Sometimes I get this, even if it's only a little, I usually empty my bladder before wearing a diaper so I can use it to full capacity but then about 5 minutes later I have to go again

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