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Thread: Might switch to cloth?

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    Default Might switch to cloth?

    It might not be right away or anytime soon, but im thinking about getting myself ready to switch to cloth diapers when i move out on my own, but i do have a few questions that ill like to know.

    1. What brand should i get?
    2. How much do they hold?
    3. How many should i get/own?
    4. Should i get other things?
    5. How do i deal with.... "mess"

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    I have a few different ones:

    Some regular prefolds (essentially large rectangular pieces of cloth with extra layers in the center). These came from a variety of sources: AngleFluff, ChangingTimes, but alot of them my wife made after I cornered the diaper fabric from a bunch of local fabric shops.

    If you go this route you'll need plastic pants. I used to use Comco but they're out of business. I tend to use Leakmasters. You'll need pins or something to hold them in place. I use the larger size Snappies fasteners now.

    I also have some AIO kind that came from a variety of sources including DD.

    By and large they hold as much as the better disposable. How many you need depends on how much you pee and how frequently you want to do laundry. I go through about 4-5 a day and I do laundry no more than every three do the math.

    I don't tend to mess the cloth, but it's pretty straight forward. Dump most of what you can into the toilet. You'll have to resign yourself to having stained diapers if you do this.

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