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Thread: The new DC Idyl

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    Default The new DC Idyl

    I am not sure if anybody has tried these yet:

    I like the fact that they are a blue color, but they appear a bit of a louder, darker blue than the ABU Space diapers.

    So, what do you all think?

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    Well??? Is there any interest? Or, shall I delete this and just wait for a review?
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    Give us some time to mull this over; this isn't facebook you know...

    Looks like a wonderful addition to the lineup.

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    I think they are too flashy for me. The shiny blue is kind of a turn off for me.

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    I'm thinking that a lighter pastel blue would be far better. Even opting for blue "oxford stripes" like what used to be on the old Luvs would really do the trick.

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    These do not appear to have actually released yet. There was a previous thread announcing them by jeremyi of DC.

    We do have a review of the DC Amor. I can't claim to have personally tried them myself, but the review is mostly positive, other than noting that the color appeared to rub off on clothing and that a tape didn't hold. The DC Idyll page claims that it makes some improvements, including better tapes.

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    I put in an order for a case of the Amors. At this point, I am looking for a replacement for the unobtainable Rearz Spoiled diapers. The Amors are about the closest I've looked at, as far as photos are concerned. Their packaging looks nice, and does not mince words. I hate these garments being called a "brief" when a true brief is made by Fruit of the Loom of thin cotton knit. Although today, Pampers and Luvs would probably qualify as a brief because they are so thin.

    Anyway. I am hoping for the best with the Amors. I've seen colors transfer out of other products too, even Goodnites. So, maybe that wouldn't be something new to me. It would be better to have the plastic all a single light pink, rather than trying to silk screen the design on the plastic. Then there's no possibility of a color transfer. I suppose we'll have to be happy with what we got. Of main importance is their performance. I have yet to see anything that can match a Bellissimo, which I consider the one product that others are to be measured by. Dry 24/7 comes in at a close second, as long as that company does NOT try to thin them down.

    I also have an order coming from Aww So Cute. That one may work as well, or hopefully better than the Bellissimos. With no color transfer. They are also quite attractive

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    The taping panel is very cute, but the blue colour is awful. Would be much nicer on a crisp white diaper.

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    I loaded that page and I had an involuntary reaction of mild disgust at how flashy that blue is. Not buying that one, no sir.

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    I would have to agree with most of the other posts, lighten up the blue, and it would look a lot better. They could even put the clouds over the rest of the diaper for an all over printed diaper, that might be kinda neat too

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