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    Ok, so Fedex has this nifty thing where they will hold your package for you to pick it up.
    I've used it before but m friend whom I am eternally grateful for did this for me. I've decided to do it myself but I honestly forgot how it's done. Does anyone know how to do it? Is is just in the description you just put the address in during checkout? Or is it something else?

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    I haven't tried this from the ordering end, but back when I worked in a shipping department we would have to enter in the retail location it was to be held at. Barring an option in their menu I would say that entering in that address would be the best method at checkout. You can also set this option after shipping when searching the item by tracking number.

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    I've done it a couple of times after the order was shipped. It was going to arrive on on a day that I couldn't get it because the office at my apartment complex closed before I got home. There's an option to have it held when you go to track the order. It's worked flawlessly the two times I've done it.

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    supposedly, you can do it by useing the web interface and the tracking number.

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    This is how I ordered. Didn't realize I could do that until after they were shipping. I was going to risk a roommate asking questions. Glad I found out about it.

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    I have my diapers rerouted to a fedex office every time I order online to avoid questions from my mom. After you have your tracking number just go on the fedex website and enter your tracking number. There will be an option to have it held at a nearby fedex office. If its small enough you can even have it held at a ship and get lovker. If you do that though I would make sure it fits in the locker. They will send it back sometimes if it doesn't fit.

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    Ok but can you send it to the address from check out? or the re routing is the only way

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    It's best to put in the 2nd line of the address when you check out so there's no way it can be missed. But for good measure I'd include it in the special instructions for checkout too.

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    Just confirming here but on the second line of the company name you put the words "FEDEX HOLD FOR PICK UP" and add the adress

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