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Thread: Bum Patting

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    Default Bum Patting

    Hi fellow babies.

    I just wondered.. i love when im cuddling or even going to sleep, having mammy or daddy rythmically pat my padded bottom, i dont know if its the sound of the vibration, that is so soothing,,

    I used to do this to my nephew when trying to get him to sleep, in my arms, i would pat his bottom..

    Does anyone else do this, or like this..

    when i stayed at my daddies, i used to sleep in his big bed, cuddling on a night, he would pat my bottom, till i was asleep.. It helped me sleep faster, then he would go to sleep..

    just thought i would ask


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    I've always loved the thought of that. It's a really nostalgic feeling for me personally. My Dad told me he used to pat me on the butt and then immediately stopped once I was out of diapers. I guess it kind of goes hand in hand with the whole toddler/diaper experience for me.

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    Sounds really soothing! I would enjoy that! "blush"

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    *blush*....yes I'm a huge supporter of butt patting :3

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    I've never really taken the time to think about this... I sometimes pat my own butt, not often though. To have somebody else do it while getting me to sleep, might actually be really nice.

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    It makes me feel so protected and snug when I'm little. And it's also sort of turn-on outside of that.

    So I'm also a big supported of it!

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    I bet it would be nice! I've never had it done to me, sounds nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperiorPenguin View Post
    I bet it would be nice! I've never had it done to me, sounds nice.
    I'll Pat your bum! "Purr"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yolandi View Post
    I'll Pat your bum! "Purr"
    Thank you!

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