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Thread: Thigh Highs with Bows

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    Default Thigh Highs with Bows

    So are there others besides me who really likes the thigh high stockings with bows?

    I have to admit, I just love these!!! I have some of my own, and they are so me!!!


    Thigh High Bow (690x700).jpg

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    They're cute, but I've always preferred tights myself.

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    I think they can definitely be cute! I have one pair of light blue (meant to go with one of my lolita dresses) but I haven't worn them out yet and I normally wear tights.
    I love the one in the picture too, so cute, especially with the shoes!

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    I like both the thigh-high's and tights. I do have one pair of white thigh-highs with a black bow. I have several pairs of tights.

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    Those are cute, I just have tights myself too... where do you get these? -Marka

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marka View Post
    Those are cute, I just have tights myself too... where do you get these? -Marka
    I got mine in a store that sold costumes for Halloween.

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    Those do look cute.
    I do like OTK and thigh high socks, more so with cute designs.
    I prefer opaque tights, tho the longer socks are fun to wear.

    I like toe socks too, tho I wish I could find some that are OTK or thigh high size.

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    Where can we find "adult tights?" My SO is not an AB but she is an LG.

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