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Thread: Eating while diapered

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    Default Eating while diapered

    Do you guys eat when wearing diapers? Peeing and eating both at the same time seems wonderful I think. What's your opinion? Is it ok?

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    I've done it quite a bit. I don't see why it's not ok.

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    In one end out the other, teehee! I think it's fine

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    I tend to find drinking helps when I'm "shy" if you know what I mean...

    Eating anything or do you go for childish / baby foods?

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    Some people have no choice. I am one that is 24-7 and I have gone while eating and its a humiliating experience that is for sure. Still cannot get "over" the icky feeling. For those who "want" to do it I strongly suggest you think twice about it !

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    Idk! If I'm honest eating & peeing at the same time sure doesn't do anything for me! "yuck, yak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yolandi View Post
    Idk! If I'm honest eating & peeing at the same time sure doesn't do anything for me! "yuck, yak.
    I don't think I could literally do both actions at the same time.. I did not take it that literally!

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    I love doing this! I like to do this whenever I can, and have also done this with my girlfriend before, when we've had our little playtime!

    If I'm in little mode, I'll like to eat messy stuff with my fingers, like fries or nuggets for example. If I'm just wearing for comfort, I can happily sit down and eat a roast meal with a knife and fork, and just slowly leak and dribble into my nappy as I eat.

    It's also fun to do without a nappy in as well. I'll pretend that I'm not allowed to leave the table until I'm finished, but I don't want to eat anymore. I'm forced to sit there, and I'll wet my pants at the table. I only do this at my outside table, because it does make a mess.

    Eating a melting ice cream in my little mode is a lot of fun as well. I let it melt and start to drip, and I really need to pee, but I can't put my ice cream down, so I will be potty dancing around with my ice cream dripping everywhere, making a big mess while I try to finish it before I go inside to use the toilet.

    Alas I don't always make it......

    But to wet my pants while eating an ice cream is something that really gets me into little mode. Of course I might be diapered afterwards as well!

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    Heh a sub-fetish.

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    Voiding and eating are not mutually exclusive areas for many people.just as I never thought of an adult using a bib until I went to rehab to learn to use my left arm like I had used my dominant right, every time mealtime came around the bibs came out,and I actually appreciated them and even have bought some for home,its hard to really get up to a table with alot of wheelchairs combined with limited mobility in your arms makes bibs a clothes saving item.

    The only person that knows what you do in your diaper is you,ITF eating and going trips your trigger enjoy if it doesn't don't either way it's up to you unless you have no control.

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