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Thread: Hopefully this'll get some good results (!!)...

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    Default Hopefully this'll get some good results (!!)...

    Does anyone out there know/have any ABDLI(nfantilism) jokes that aren't derogative? It's just I thought we could try sharing, composing and helping others out with ideas - something possibly new for this site!

    Here's my joke: They say you should never share your pin number...
    ...I don't mind, mine's 4!

    Anyone else?!!! bringmesunshine

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    Why did the AB cross the road? Because she was trying to get from A to B Silly! "blush" I know bad right?

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    Why are AB/DL voters so anti-incumbent? (They always need a change.)

    EDIT #1: Why did the AB/DL flush the toilet? (Because somebody had forgotten to.)

    EDIT #2: Where do AB/DLs go when they need to visit the restroom? (Right where they are.)

    Sorry. I'll keep thinking...

    EDIT #3: Why was the AB/DL placed behind bars? (He needed a nap.)

    EDIT #4: Why do AB/DLs suck so much? (Because they use pacifiers.)

    EDIT #5: Why do AB/DLs excel in college? (They avoid all the potties.)

    EDIT #6: Why did the AB/DL drop gym class? (He hated pull-ups.)

    EDIT #7: Why was the AB/DL crying? (Because he was a big baby.)

    EDIT #8: Why did the AB/DL feel old? (Because he was over 4T.)

    EDIT #9: Why did the AB/DL start attending AA meetings? (He couldn't put down the bottle.)

    EDIT #10: What's an AB/DL's ideal job? (Town crier.)

    EDIT #11: Why can't AB/DLs count to 8? (Because Pampers only go up to 7.)

    EDIT #12: Why did the AB/DL flunk math? (His formula was bad.)
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    11 & 12 were really good, 6? I was on the floor (!!) completely hilarious - well done you! bringmesunshine

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    My lacrosse player roommate keeps telling me he really benefits from the pull up bar. I was confused, but I realized he wasn't talking about my favorite place to get drinks with other ABDLs...

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    Another one from me...

    If you're about to show me where the toilet is...
    ...don't worry, I've got it 'covered'!


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