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Thread: Older games

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    Default Older games

    Looking for people who like older games anybody out there that does also

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    I seldom play with my N64 because of the Xbox One, Work, School, Caregiver all full time =s

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    I still play my n64 sometimes. Mario party, mario cart, golden eye, donkey kong.

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    I still play my Sega Genesis. I have a few of the PC ports as well.

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    There are quite a few people out there that still like older games. I just got a SNES and Super Mario World, Zelda: A Link To The Past, and Final Fantasy VI again after playing them when I was a kid. Sometimes it feels like older games had a certain magical feel to them that a lot of newer games just don't have.

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    I like the old rare games, Banjo kazooie, Banjo Tooie, conkers bad fureday, etc
    I also enjoy rayman 2 for the N64 or the PS2

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    I still play my classic games, from colecovision to atari, from NES to Sega Genesis, i play any of the classics i grew up with!

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    I mainly play old games, I rarely play newer games and I refuse to play any modern day shooter games. If I want a good shooter game I'll play one of the old classics that started the genre.

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