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Thread: Well. Hello again.

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    Default Well. Hello again.

    Hi there. I signed up here years ago and just remember my account on here, haha!
    I didn't get to post here that much so I thought I'd introduce myself.
    I'm a female in her late 20s from the UK, who mainly just wants a place to go and hide when the mood takes. I like diapers and nonsexual pet-play as a combination. I have a female and a male character that I play as. Both are dogs and take either Anthro or none Anthros roles (I prefer none Anthros to be honest). I'm not out about any of this and intend it to stay that way!

    Besides that weird fetishy stuff I'm into all sorts of creativity and would probably best be described as some sort of... Dark-hippyish(though if you put that the dye anywhere near me...) artsy type? I dunno. I like lowbrow psychedelic art and all sorts of weird and wonderful music.
    So... Hello!

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    Welcome! If you haven't already check out "The Pretty Reckless" they are a great band, I think you might like them.

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    Thank You! Cool, thanks for the recommendation! I shall have a snoop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeastMoan View Post
    Thank You! Cool, thanks for the recommendation! I shall have a snoop!
    No problem, I hope you like em'

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