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    So, for those of you who are not incontinent and wear 24/7, how many of you are married or living with someone else? If you did it since being together, how'd thry take the transition?

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    My husband is also AB/DL so he likes having a wife in diapers and it turns him on when he hears the sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleICme View Post
    Contributed to a divorce.
    Ouch, sorry to hear but there are other people out there who might be more accepting

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    Not quite 24/7 but almost every night and most of the weekend. She is suppotive. Likes to remind me not to wear too often or I will run out of diapers!

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    I wear every night to bed and my wife is find with it. If I rub her back, she'll call me a little baby. So yeah, I rub her back.

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    I guess i am a lucky one, my wife "princess" is very supportive I my self have been incont for over 10 years but in the DL scene for more years than that my wife when first introduced was very turned on by the whole aspect. as we have aged she has morn mainly at night knowing she will get rearward for being wet in the morning so this it has enhanced our love life. My princess does have a naughty streak and will have "accidents" esp if she is sick this past week for a nasty cold she has needed her pull-ups during the days and heavy diapers at night. She has wanted more snuggle time as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by srgsng25 View Post
    She has wanted more snuggle time as well.
    Sounds like you hit the jackpot

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    I deed it is... let see if we make it though today with out wet panties she told me she is a"big girl this morning" as she hid her binky in its special place this morning Daddy will have to keep his eyes on her and make she she is being a good girl...

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