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Thread: Do AB/DL munches/parties/services discriminate against the bowel incontinence?

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    Default Do AB/DL munches/parties/services discriminate against the bowel incontinence?

    The ABC club in London doesn't allow messy diapers and Nanny Alice nursery doesn't allow it either. Also I have heard about adult baby daycare in the UK and they also don't allow messy diapers. I have never noticed this with any AB/DL munches in my area so is it a UK thing or do any ABDL groups and services in the USA also not allow messy diapers?

    How do you with bowel IC feel about all this and have you still gone to any of these that didn't allow messy diapers? Did they make any acceptions with you because of your medical condition?

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    They might make an exception if you were IC, I think they're just trying to drive out the more fetish-orientated people or those just focused on diapers etc. or maybe they just don't want to deal with messy diapers

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    You can pay extra at nurseries, such as, for messy changes but I don't have a clue about munches

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    Most munches and groups I've seen in the USA don't allow this, I don't think is UK specific

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    In a public setting as a munch most person's dont want the smell of a messy diaper.
    Of course if your IC there should be an exception in the rules.

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    Every munch and party I've been to had a no messing rule, including the ones solely for ABDLs. It's not just in the UK and is the standard for nearly all munches and parties. The rule is primarily put in place for all the ABDLs who don't want to smell the ABDLs who do mess since the smell is problematic. If you're Bowel IC, I'm guessing you could talk and explain your condition and hopefully they'll be understanding and accommodating.

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    Most places if not all would make an exception for real IC people who want to attend, they would have to clean up right away as normal and not stay in a messy diaper. If they refused to allow a truly IC guest then they would be open to discrimination charges in most country's.

    I have seen a few adds for a couple of conventions that clearly state no soiled diapers (messy) but do allow for IC guests to quietly change.

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    Here's the thing, if you are truely incontinent you most likely cannot help that you mess, and you liekly will be able to take care of the change yourself, and won't want to stay messy that long. With that being said, fecal mater carries tons of bacteria and diseases, so forgive others if they don't want to be exposed to your poo.

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    The point of these rules in most cases is to avoid creating an uncomfortable situation in public and/or for everyone else in the space.

    They aren't meant to discriminate against people with legitimate medical issues, and I would expect most to be willing to make exceptions for such.

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    This question arose with one of the potential attendees of an ADISC meet I held. I made it clear that it was not to discriminate against fecal incontinence. Unless it's part of your scene, you're not going to want to hang around with people with messy diapers, so they need to not do that if they're in control and clean up if they aren't. I think if you speak to organizers and make clear it's a medical matter, it won't be a problem. However, if you show up, grin, grunt, and drop a big load in the middle of a party, your motives will be considered suspect.

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