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    Right now is where I prove that I have zero knowledge on computers and technology.

    I don't use my computer to log on here, as it is a shared use laptop. This means that every visit here is done via my iPhone. (Yes, that includes my long winded ramblings, all patiently typed by thumb on a small keyboard, Grrrr)

    I want to add a profile picture, but can't edit one down to the right size, 200x200. My phone just doesn't edit that low apparently, or I can't work it out. Every picture, drawing, or cartoon that I download or screen shot is too large.

    Any easy way of downloading a suitable sized picture to my phone?

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    Assuming you have or can create a suitable picture on the laptop, you should be able to drag and drop it to your phone if you connect it via usb cable. I do that on my mildly retarded (as opposed to smart) flip phone all the time. Alternately, if you have file sharing enabled on the computer, you can access it wirelessly.

    I don't store many files or do much editing on my Android tablet. I created a file sharing account for some of the folders on my Windows 'puter and access pictures, music, etc. via my home network. I use ES File Explorer (an app) on my tablet for navigating files and setting up the fileshare account....

    I'm not familiar with the Apple environment, so I can't give any specific directions there. I'm sure Apple has similar file sharing capabilities, just with different apps and navigation.

    There is almost certainly a photo editing app, or another photo app with basic editing capability on your phone somewhere. Even the image viewing app likely has some basic editing features... that's true on my Windows and Ubuntu computers as well as the Android tablet.

    Help screens are annoying, but they can be your friend if you take the time to use them.
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    Ew, editing media was never intended to be done on a mobile device, lol (and I'm not talking about laptops and yes it CAN be edited on mobile devices).

    I'd say your best bet would be to work the image out on your computer and then move it to your phone.

    1.) Find an image (or better yet take a crack at making your own! suggests someone with no artistic talent), anyway find an image you want to use on your computer's internet browser (use incognito mode if necessary if you're using Google Chrome or Firefox) and download it to your computer.

    2.) Using any free built in image editor (MS Paint, whatever Apple's free editing software is, and there's always good ol' Gimp, a free open source image editing program that you could download and install on your computer) edit the picture to the correct size.

    3.) Upload the edited image to a free cloud account (I personally like Google Drive and DropBox).

    4.) Then from there you can download it to your phone's picture gallery via a mobile app or browser and then presto!

    5.) You got access to your picture that you've edited it down to the correct size.

    A second method that might work would be to see if there's a picture editing app you can download to your phone that lets you manually set the dimensions of a transformation (i.e. resizing an image) so that way you could just do it on your phone. Not sure if this is an option, but using the power of the CLOUD!! Eeeeeww, aaaaaww, you can do it to it.

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    One thing you might also try is emailing it to yourself from your phone. Usually it will give you choices for the quality of picture you want to send. Choose the smaller file size and that may get it down to where it needs to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    on my mildly retarded (as opposed to smart) flip phone
    That is the best thing I've heard in a long time. That made me literally laugh out-loud, and now people are staring at me XD

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    Thanks people!
    I'll have another go over the weekend.

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