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Thread: European abdl diapers/ Ordering abdl diapers from within Europe

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    Question European abdl diapers/ Ordering abdl diapers from within Europe

    Hey guys, the (personal) reason why I'm posting this will be in an adendum at the end, so that I don't waste anyone's time

    The purpose of this thread is to ask a simple question: What are your experiences in ordering ABDL diapers in Europe? What diapers are available to purchase inside the EU? how's shipping? Any problems? What do you recomend for purchases inside the EU (over-seas shipping is incredibly expensive for the US-EU line).

    P.S: I probably am elegible to making an "introduction" post since I've been out of the loop for 5 years (wearing no diapers).

    However, I just opened up to my (1st) BF (he's really old) about this fetish I used to have (ABDL) , and he's been encouraging me to get diapers and help me get "as much pleasure out of being together" as possible.

    I think his "daddy" side surfaced haha. Anyway, all help is appreciated.

    Best regards,

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    As a small personal request paralel to the generalities of the OP, which I'm hoping will help more people with the same question, I'd like to ask if there's any single-tape nappy from this side of the waters, what's your favourite plastic disposable diapers , and whether or not the space ABU nappies are as absolutely must-have as they seem!!
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    Hello Toze, if your in the UK then is a good site with quite a large selection of both normal and AB nappies at very good prices and next day delivery. They stock amongst others, Tena, Abena, ID Slip, Molicare and Attends for normal nappies and ABU SDK, Cushies and Space, Rearz Spoiled and MyDiaper for AB nappies. They have always been very reliable for me and post in plain packaging. is German based and perhaps has the largest selection of nappies anywhere in the world, although I have not used them myself as I can't plan ahead any further than next day delivery.

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    AB-DL-TB Shop in Holland (AB-DL-TB factory). Have good experience with them. Also with Nappiesrus and save express.

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    Hi Toze,

    i normally buy my diapers from the adblfactory, they are based in holland, and have additional options for descrete shipping, at the moment i purchase their plastic backed Kolibri Comslip Plus. it holds 4000ml, a good amount of wetting, crinkles like the old baby diapers, is super thick, i know im wearing it.. and best of all cost 16 euro for 15 diapers.. excelent value for money.. if you choose the extra secure, descrete packing, they place the unmarked box, in a large black plastic sheet, and wrap it and also cover the whole thing in brown tape.. completely descrete..


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    Amazing replies! thank you!

    Discreteness is yet another topic that's very relevant.... What places can we order from in plain packages? Are ABU's space nappies a "safe" purchase?

    16€ for 15 nappies really is tempting, and those diapers really do look THICK from browsing the pictures! Amazing!

    Best regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by toze View Post
    Discreteness is yet another topic that's very relevant.... What places can we order from in plain packages? Are ABU's space nappies a "safe" purchase?
    I just received a case recently. They ship in a somewhat unusual box, as far as cases of diapers are concerned. They're usually in a box with proportions about the same as say an all in one printer. (just bigger) ABU's case is squre (as viewed from the top) and is about 1/2 as tall as it is wide. (two on top of each other would be a cube)

    Thing is, 80 of these diapers take up some space, and that makes for a somewhat unusually wide and squat cardboard box. The shape and size of the box itself may arouse curiosity in the nosey.

    ABU's shipping remains as discrete as always. The credit card and label will say "STROM Holdings". This is probably not google-proof, but then again nothing is. If someone wants to google the FROM address on any package, they're going to figure out where it came from, unless it was dropshipped by someplace like amazom. (in which case it will simply say it was from amazon) The first hit on google is "About Us! - AB Universe", and there's nothing ABU can do about that. (and UPS requires a return address on the label)

    Your credit card or bank statement will also say STROM Holdings. So, aside from the slightly unusual shaped heavy cardboard box, it's very discrete. Smaller quantitles (1/2 case etc) would avoid even that minor detail.

    ABU will also be including a handful of suckers in the box, as well as an invoice and a few ABU Space Aliens stickers. Obviously don't put the stickers on your fridge if you don't live alone

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