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    I thought about posting this in the off-topic section but I really think this could help people regress more when being AB/DL or little.

    So not too long ago I started watching Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting because of the hype on Twitch and watch them on YouTube because his paintings are awesome and his voice is so soft and soothing.

    Usually at night I would watch them because it made me fall asleep, then last night I decided to search for 'soft soothing voice' on YouTube and found this thing called ASMR and IT IS AMAZING!

    It is so relaxing! It can be anything like reading bedtime stories (my favourite) or drawing, tutorials, makeovers and more. Search for it on YouTube and you won't regret it.

    Link to bedtime story one I recently watched:
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    Wow I watched the one you linked and it really is soothing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvtowearpampers View Post
    Wow I watched the one you linked and it really is soothing!
    It's awesome and it's like a mummy reading a story to help me sleep

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    I find ASMR to be very relaxing. One way I experience it is when I am in headspace and there are other adults in the room talking, and I'm on the floor just playing with my toys. The regularness of conversation, the cadence, it's like I am there and not there. Haven't done the youtube videos yet though.

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