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Thread: What's the biggest your stash has ever been?

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    Default What's the biggest your stash has ever been?

    Personally, mine was about 35 lovely diapers. Too scared to buy many more.

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    Around 300 but I do buy two to 3 cases of dry 24/7's at a time and recorder when I am down to one case

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    I have had four cases of absorbency plus on hand at one time.

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    I have 7 unopened boxes with 3 packs of Abri Form L4 inside each, then a box of Forma Care, about 6 packs of Gompels diapers (Rubbish, will be binning them) and a verity of loose packs such as Tena Ultima, Fluffsan Night, Vlesia slip, Seni slip, AMD Slip, must be close to 1000 diapers on hand.

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    I feel a little ashamed ATM
    I was pondering this only last week
    I had a big spend during a binge I would assume on top of an already large stock pile but I have at present
    70 fabines
    76 tena slip maxis(case + 2 extras packs)
    12 abena l4
    54 wellness superio (case)
    20 depend briefs medium (crap won't use)
    22 amd slip maxi
    2 packs abena flex l3 (worst diaper ever)
    12 approx misc diapers moli super plus etc
    62 Lille maxi boosters

    I would hate to add up the $ value but a lot
    At least I won't run out soon

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    At peak? 240 Tena Maxi (the old plastic-backed kind), 80 Snuggies Waddler Overnight, a dozen Rearz and a dozen ComfiCare.

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    The most I've ever had at once was probably around 300. That's when I was living with my parents and it was hard to order them without them noticing. So I'd wait until they went away for a few days and order enough to last a year or two as I'd never know when I'd get the next chance!

    I'm probably down to about 50 now, although half of those are plastic-backed Abena M3s and Tena Slips which are in my "archive" as I don't think they make them any more. Hmmm... probably time to stock up again soon...

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