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Thread: I wish I had someone I could trust

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    As you may remember from a previous thread, I've been talking to another abdl in my area online. He's a guy and I've always considered myself straight but we've talked about setting up a playdate. The problem is that neither one of us can drive because we are both legally blind (which means we do have limited vision.) I have zero experience with public transit and/or getting around in public without someone to assist me and have always relied on someone to give me a ride to and from places. Today I woke up to a pic that he sent me on my phone of him in a diaper, onesie and with a paci with the caption "I want to play!" written underneath. I can't get it off my mind. I want to play too BUT we have no way of meeting up! I don't generally have a problem getting a ride somewhere but I don't have anyone I can trust in this situation. I don't really like the idea of someone finding out about my diapers and baby things and meeting up with another man to play baby with. I can't possibly ask for a ride in this situation can I?
    What to do? I can't think of anything. This is so unfair!

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    Okay, first off, make sure this other person is someone you can trust too. If you've never met before, I suggest meeting in person to just get coffee in a public place first.

    With that out of the way and assuming you're both comfortable setting up a play date, you've got a few options. One, look for an event near the area and get a ride there. Perhaps things like a street fair, a festival, or just a movie or something. Hang out the event for 30 minutes so you can talk about it later, then go to your playdate, then back to the event at the end to get picked up.

    Two, get a taxi. Not necessarily cheap, but you could save your money, maybe split it with your friend.

    Three, confide in a friend and ask for help with a ride. depending on the friend you might be surprised.

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    I just can't get it out of my head. It's driving me nuts. I never get to do these type of things because I'm always stuck here at home. It really isn't fair. I have these needs that are never met.

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    I wish I could meet another AB/DL that I share common ground with, that I can trust in my own country. The only one I actually do is three quarters away around the world. That's been playing on my mind for around 5+ years... :c

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    It's just like it's being dangled right in front me and I can't get to it. I can't focus on much else and it's really getting me down.

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    Taxi would seem the best bet if you've got the money for it. Otherwise (assuming you're capable of walking) you could maybe get a ride to some place nearby and inconspicuous, hell you should probably meet this guy somewhere public (like a coffee shop) to begin with anyway as has been said.

    Be safe.

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    Thanks. I will. It's just so hard for me right now as I have no money because work has been very slow as of late. That, and I'm scared of being found out.

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    You might want to work on figuring out how to take transit and stuff. See if there are organizations that provide training for the visually impaired near by.

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    Try Uber. Usually your first ride is free, so you only end up getting your credit card charged for the trip home.

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    I hear you my friend I can't drive anymore due to a combination of things Epilepsy, taking opiate pain medication and being in a power wheelchair and there's a ton of stuff I would like to do but don't because transit and mobility are big issues,here where I live we actually have a dedicated relatively inexpensive paratransit system for the local area,but that doesn't get you out of town or anywhere even in the county.

    You really need to find a friend you can absolutely trust to be there for you Wether to just listen when you have a bad day or need a ride to someone's house for a playdate,they are probably already in your circle of friends just reach out and find them and give them a chance as well as your self.

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