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Thread: For those who use cloth backed disposable diapers. Idea.

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    Default For those who use cloth backed disposable diapers. Idea.

    I often use the cheapo certainties diapers and boost it with a baby diaper. Since it goes a little longer that way though, my diaper sometimes stretches a little bit, and since I am in between sizes often, my diaper just doesn't give me the best fit that I would like.


    I only just tried this out with ties similar to these, but so far it is working good. I am using cable velcro ties to hold my diaper on better. The cool thing about this, is that it can reach down into the diaper crotch area and help pull the diaper inward so there isn't a gap in the legs. Since the velcro is double sided, the soft side faces the leg, and as long as the velcro is not placed too close to the edge of the fabric, then the diaper covers up the edge where the velcro strap might get a little rough.

    Once I am done with the diaper, I can re-use the velro on a new diaper, or let it dry if it gets a little moist.

    since it is really long, it can span across the original velcro straps on the diaper and help support them.

    Just an idea for those of us who have a hard time getting a good fit that stays in place for a while. I can't promise there are not any flaws, since I just came up with this idea today.

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    This sounds like a great idea! I might just order some of those straps and try them out.

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    we get those to bundle cords behind computers at work, we go through a ton of them. One side is hook, the other is loop, so they stick to themselves. the passthrough hole lowers the chance of them coming undone. The loop side is always soft like velvet, but the hook side can be downright sharp sometimes.

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    I've been trying it out for the last little while, and it isn't perfect, but it has helped.

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