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Thread: Plastic backed......UK based

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    Default Plastic backed......UK based

    I'm endlessly searching the internet for a decent plastic backed nappy.
    I currently use the tender care night all in ones but the quality has gone further down hill and the nights are just as thin as the day pads now I think. I don't wet much but I would like the padding and fluff to stay together and not clump up like the tender cares do.
    A few years ago I used the old style Attends, the ones with the M printed all over and the then the ones with M9 printed on. Since Attends changed to active I haven't liked or used them. They used to be brilliant!
    I've looked at the lille 'classic' and the 'supreme' and I'm wondering are they the same product?
    Some manufactures use cloth side panels and a plastic body like vlesi slips which I don't like.
    I found on here last night someone mentioned Gompels pads, I've never used or heard of this supplier before, it's not clear on the site if their nappies are plastic backed or not, has anyone used Gompels before and what is their product like?

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    Attends still make the Regular + 10 which is still plastic backed. There are also a lot of plastic backed nappies available again that weren't for a time, like the Abri Form M4. Another popular one is the ID Slip Super (PE Backed) which won't be discontinued. These are all more absorbent and better quality than the Tendercare nappies.
    There are options, just have to have a look around a bit

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    Why do they need to be UK-based? Save Express in Germany have an amazing range at fairly reasonable prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    Why do they need to be UK-based? Save Express in Germany have an amazing range at fairly reasonable prices.
    There seem to be quite a lot of people in the UK who never think of ordering goods from mainland Europe, or if they do, dismiss the idea as if it were just as expensive as ordering from the US. Island mentality I suppose. We are the country that produced the headline "Fog in Channel: Continent cut off" after all.

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    The Gompel diapers are rubbish, the capacity is way over stated and the fit is very poor.Abri form 4's are available from certain places or ID slip PE are decent high capacity diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    Why do they need to be UK-based? Save Express in Germany have an amazing range at fairly reasonable prices.
    Sometimes comes quicker and cheaper than uk sites

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    Boots do their own, they're plastic backed and I like them

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    Quote Originally Posted by parcelboy2 View Post
    Sometimes comes quicker and cheaper than uk sites
    The diapers tend to be cheaper, although postage is more expensive. Maybe it depends how much you're ordering, I suppose -- I never thought of that. Worth checking, though.

    And I think my last order took two days to arrive (with the cheapest option). There aren't any customs delays like there are with orders from outside the EU.

    After Abena officially stopped production of the plastic-backed Abenas a few years back, and other manufacturers followed suit, it felt like I had no choice but to import them. But in the end it was no more hassle.

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    Thanks for the replies people. I've never ordered from Europe before, I have imported some vehicle electrical products from America a few years ago and had to pay vat at the delivery centre when I collected them so that might of put me off due to the faffing around.
    I've tried boots nappies, years and years ago they were brilliant, all white with a orange stripe up, fully plastic backed including the wings.
    The boots and ID nappies now have fabric sides to allow breathing which I can understand but I want all plastic covering including the wings.
    The capacity issue isn't really a problem as I don't really wet much, it's more a comfort thing with me rather than how much can a nappy hold. I like the fluff to not fall apart and cause lumps here and there.
    Thanks for the input so far, my quest continues.....

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    So are the Abena M range back to being plastic as the last sample I got was cloth like, tried it on for size but it did nothing for me so it got binned...

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    The ID Slip Super is still all plastic and they don't have any plans to change this they've said.
    Abena is still making the plastic backed M4 and L4s for some clients alongside the M4 and L4 Premiums, so they aren't going away anytime soon either

    You won't have any import duty to pay however if you do order from the EU (assuming you are in the UK), but shipping does take a few days

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