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Thread: eBay diapers

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    Default eBay diapers

    Is it just me or has the selection of diapers on eBay gotten really crappy (no pun intended)? I used to be able to find a decent selection and decent prices. Now it seems like there are a couple good deals out there, but the shipping is outrageous. Just some thoughts.

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    Well the country nay, the world is going through a major recession. I suppose even the diaper market is vulnerable.

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    I have never been that impressed with e-bay's selection of Adult diapers. If you want to try different brands you are better off ordering from a supplier like XPMedical or Magic Medical

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    eBay has always seemed to be better suited for getting "vintage" pampers, etc. that people have found in their attics and decided to sell. I never thought they had a good selection of diapers in general.

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    Vintage diapers is a market I would love to be in.

    I'd love to sell a pack of old-school Attends for $100+

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    Eh, I consider the people doing that to be a rip off.....

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    I've picked up a few good deals, but lots of the diapers on there are low quality. You're better off buying from a distributor unless you find a pretty awesome deal. I mostly use eBay to pick up used stuff, but that doesn't really apply here .

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    Occasionally, I've gotten some good deals on Attends and some other brands that aren't as easy to find in the U.S. So, they're sometimes worth a look.

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    Vintage baby diapers are a premium, so you'll pay a price for them. Most of the quality disposable diapers are going to be expensive, so you gotta watch you pay for them, and yes they make up on the price through the cost of shipping.

    Now on occasion people will offer European disposable diapers other than Abena that are nice to try out, but again you gotta watch the price along with shipping!

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