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Thread: Wife comes out saying she like to wear too!!!

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    Default Wife comes out saying she like to wear too!!!

    So I'm at home with my son and my wife txt me and said we need to talk and said it wasn't bad she promised well when she got home from work she told me she liked wearing also I'm still trying to comprehend what she said the other night I just always thought she wasn't all the way okay with me wearing just turns out she ain't comfortable with it yet how do I approach this situation with her I want to help her with this I want her to be as comfortable as me wearing out and stuff

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    Have you talked about it properly (without your son around )?

    Sounds like she may have had a revelation. I'd take it nice and slow if I were you. Talk to her and see where it goes. Don't get too excited, go off the deep end and scare her. If she's only coming out now there's obviously a reason and it's probably that she's been struggling with this for a while.

    Good luck and I wish you all the best. Babymt

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    My son is 14 months old he doesn't know right now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbradshaw90 View Post
    My son is 14 months old he doesn't know right now
    Ok LOL. I guess all three of you can be diapered for now then.

    Good luck with everything, just don't push it too far and I'm sure you'll enjoy a great time together.

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    Definetly take it slow. Be sure you both fully understand each other's feelings. Hopefully this will lead to a lot of stress less fun times for both of you.

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    I'm so happy for you! Sounds like you have a great wife!

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    I envy you.

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    The best thing is communication and being open to each others feelings.
    It may be a bit awkward but if you go real slow you guys will probably click and find your own path.
    Just keep in mind even though the little ones have a tendency to say things that may be very embarrassing keep that in mind.
    Example mommy you getting diapers for daddy too in baby department of store.
    They say what comes to mind lol

    Very slow mabey just give her a little time taking care of her giving time just her wearing by her self .
    You being care taker . But talk out thing's first and be really in tune to her reactions on things.
    on stuff she enjoys focus on that and the stuff that she's going to be uncomfortable with be very slow.
    The best of luck.

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    Also, hire a baby-sitter. 14 months old or not, your child should not be present for any "extra curricular" activities.

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