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Thread: Forever lurker, now my story

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    Hi anyone reading this I've been a DL all my life (25M), only realizing "DL" was a thing, a few years ago. Here is my story:

    Ever since I could remember, I always liked 'diapers', especially the 'pull on' style, if you consider that a diaper.

    I wet the bed until I was 12. One evening I ran out of goodnites, so my dad MacGyvered me a diaper out of a thin pee pad. I went to sleep with it, but really hated it and refused to pee in it. The next morning I woke up dry. And woke up dry ever since. Today, I'm convinced that the only reason I wet my goodnites, was because I liked doing it!!

    I have lots of early memories including diapers and goodnites. Until I was about 7 years old, I was babysat by my neighbour, which was a cute teenager with long, straight brown hair. I remember her saying "How come you are still wearing those?" as she was pulling a diaper out of my diaper bag, looking at it intrigued. I would lay on the couch naked and she would have me raise my butt so she could slide the diaper underneath me then fasten the tape. I just loved being put in a diaper by her. Like, I couldn't wait to be put in my diaper by her! So much that when I got babysat by other people later on, I would wear pull ups / goodnites so I wouldn't have to tell them my now, night secret

    From kindergarten, diapers, goodnites have always been part of the center of my imagination. I felt comfort, protection yet humiliation from them --and carried those feelings over in my mind, in the stories in my head. At puberty, it became part of my sexual toughs.

    Since I never had access to diapers, never heard of others liking diapers, I didn't really questioned what diapers really meant to me. They were just.. toughs. About 3 years ago I saw a picture online of a woman in a cute pink cloth-like pull-on diaper, poking out of her tight blue jeans. That changed everything.

    Months later all I could think of were the cute pink and purple prints on pull-ups and goodnites. So I decided to buy a pack, not just any. It had to be the girls goodnites, with the cute prints I now had became obsessed over. I purchased them without the idea of wearing them, I guess I was just too curious. Only once I had them in my room for a few days I had the guts to pull one on. I Never looked back.

    Today my favorite 'diapers' remain the girls goodnites and the girls pull-ups. Call me crazy for wearing those, I just love them.

    I've been looking for ever for an AB/DL pull on diaper, and may still have to wait for another while. In the meantime, I'll raise my story here. And voice my opinion over there

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    Welcome aboard and thanks for sharing your story. Have a look around and jump into some discussions; different views and opinions are the spice of life.

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    Welcome abdlguy! That was a great introductory story. We are a support group and do like to know a little bit about each other's non-ABDL side. What kind of things do you like to do in your spare time?

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