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Thread: NorthShore Supremes

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    Default NorthShore Supremes

    Hello Friends!

    I have been reading up lately around the website about Northshore Supreme Diapers.
    I am the kind of person that definitely prefers a thicker diaper with a higher capacity.
    I tend to wear practically 24/7 (take off for BM's), and I am also ALWAYS on the hunt for a thicker higher capacity diaper.
    Now I've tried pretty much every brand, and price is never an issue for me, but I was wondering how the Northshore Supreme performs in comparison to the following diapers (As I have never actually tried NorthShore)
    1. Comficare
    2. Rearz
    3. Bambinos seemingly identical line of diapers
    4. ABU Space

    Does the northshore really compare or do people vastly prefer it because of price and discreetness?

    Thanks in advance!

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    The biggest problem I had with NS after trying samples is their sizing gap between medium and large. Neither fit well for my 30"-32" waist. I was not the only one to complain about this in a thread when they first came out. There was talk of producing a "Regular", but they never followed through.
    As described on various posts on this site, not all Bambinos are the same. The Bellissimos reportedly has superior capacity. The mediums are too low rise for me, so I purchase large.
    I bought/used a case of 24/7 and was not happy with the tape quality consistency - they popped too much on me and will not buy again. I was not the only one who had this problem.
    I have no tried the others listed, though I might try Space when the produce a pure white.
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    If you order something from Northshore they send you a sample pack of Northshore supremes. Just a thought if you wanted to try them without throwing money down for an entire pack. They are very absorbant but I can't compare them to the diapers you listed since I haven't tried those yet.

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    I feel the need to jump in here. Being in the U.S., I've only tried the ABU Space Diaper, which is without a doubt the thickest diaper I've ever, every put on my bum. It might also be the most capacious, but I may have bought too big a size, which has caused leaks. When worn with plastic pants, I've gotten them to hold an enormous amount, but the cotton briefs I wore between the diaper and the waterproof pants were completely soaked.

    But the Northshore Supreme has become my diaper of choice for its quiet, no-fuss competence. It's not outrageously thick, and it doesn't swell up like a water balloon, it just soaks up 36-42 ounces (I've weighed several) by using the entire diaper. I've honestly not seen wicking this good since the Molicare Super Plus (which I'm wearing right now).


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    I've worn both NS Air Supreme and the plastic backed NS supreme diapers, I feel that they hold an very large amount of liquid, I had to wear 24/7 for about 6 months and the NS saved the day.

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    fyi northshore came out with a size between med and lg recently iirc, called it "size regular" ?

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    Don't see a size regular on the website. I really like the northshore supreme diapers but like others medium is to small and large is to big.

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    I've worn the Bambino Teddy, Bianco and Classic and the Comfidry 24/7. Not the ABU Space, the Bellissimo or the Rearz. I've also worn dozens of other diapers over the years. And, yes, price is important to me as I'm am not wealthy and I wear 24/7 due to my urge incon.

    I've been wearing the Northshore Supreme for about a year. Best disposable out there for the price, imho. They wick almost as well as a cloth diaper. I've had like 2 leaks after hundreds of diaper changes and those were largely because of I how active I am. I have a 31" waist and the medium fits just right. I've worn these diapers at night and woke up soaked, but not a drop on my sheets. They fit well under clothes. The tapes have never popped off on me. Heck, I can go on and on, but if you are looking for a over priced disposable that has baby prints, look elsewhere. However, if you're like me and you wear diapers for their intended purpose (and a lot of them), you can't go wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    fyi northshore came out with a size between med and lg recently iirc, called it "size regular" ?
    They haven't released a size regular, they've actually threw the idea out because they didn't want to risk the money on it. That's what they pretty much told me a few months ago after I inquired about the regular size. It was pretty disappointing to me because the gap between the two sizes are huge.

    The larges are sized like the Dry 24/7 and the mediums are like medium Bambinos.

    I couldn't wear a large Northshore because I couldn't get the fit right. The crotch (while dry) was loose between the legs, and wouldn't keep in contact with my skin without a onesie or Some other form fitting clothing.

    Other than the sizing, the tapes could be improved. The tapes stretch out almost like electrical tape when pulled too hard and they are quite narrow. Beside this, the diaper is great. You definitely won't be wasting money. They are on par with Dry 24/7 as far as function goes.

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    I've not tried any of the brands you listed but have tried all the USA available nOn-ABDL specialty diapers and for thickness the Supremes are tops. The capacity of the Supreames is likely the top of the currently available market but not quite the equal of the old Abena X-Plus, (I miss them so! & NO M-4s are nothing like them.) or the first 24-7s. I ordered large Supreames by mistake onceI wear medium in all brands, and now only order the large as they fit and ride high like baby diapers on a baby.
    I highly recommend you give them a try.

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