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Thread: "Hello" from Chicago

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    Default "Hello" from Chicago

    Greetings, everyone!

    I could write you a long introduction that tells the story of when I first wore, and that I hid them for years and was petrified some snoop would out me. That I've wasted too much money buying and throwing away and feeling ashamed.

    But we all know this, and I'd rather tell you about me.

    My name is Matt and I am 20 years old. I live in Chicago, where I moved to in 2013 for school -- I'm studying to be a professional writer.

    I moved around a lot: Ohio, Florida, Texas, Florida (again), Pennsylvania, Texas (again), and now to here.

    I love music, play folk guitar, write often and am proud of a filling bookshelf (not that I have time to read them all, but will someday).

    I associate this part of me with fear. Friendship would be better.

    I dream of a partner and a group of accepting people to share what I've only shared with embarrassment. Let's chat about music and books and life and joy and memories and, yes, diapers.


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    Hello Matt and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.


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    Welcome Matt! That was an informative intro. Who is your favorite author?

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    Egor, thank you!

    zipperless, there are many, but Haruki Murakami I connect with on a deeper emotional level than any other writer.

    And if my name didn't give it away, I like Hemmingway.

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    Hi, Matt! I too, like to write and I play piano!

    Welcome to the group!

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    Hello Matt, welcome!

    Very nicely written introduction as well.

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    Thanks, RDBrony!

    What do you like to play, SuperiorPenguin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hemingwayly View Post
    What do you like to play, SuperiorPenguin?
    I like honky tonk style piano.

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    Hi Matt, welcome to ADISC. Fantastic introduction dude. I like music too, but my dad, who plays every chance he gets, took my motor skills! Nah, I'm kidding. I was born without those. What music do you like to listen to?

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    Good Evening and Welcome!

    I myself play a little bit of guitar.

    Mostly liturgical hymns.

    I myself have a lot of books, mostly History and Science.

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