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    Okay here the issue...I wear full time and dont like the Depends Max I have been using ...but Abena Xplus are way too thick ...any ideas what would be a happy medium here?

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    Hmmm....I'd go for least they're slighty less thick than the Abenas.

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    maybe a Tena Maxi?
    if not than i don't know

    EDIT: i agree that depends generally suck

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    Can't get Tena Maxi in the US...

    Try the Tranquility ATN"s, there great diapers and not as thick as the X pluses but alot better than the Depends.

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    I would say Attends w/ waistband.
    Tranquility, though I've never tried them seem like a happy medium to a lot of people too.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Molicare Super (not super+) is thinner but still absorbs a lot.

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    I'll have to send my vote for the Dry 24/7. They aren't as thick as Abena x-plus, but are thicker than Depends max. They also absorb rather well and are only slightly less discreet under clothes as the depends. Also, the price on them is rather good, generally you should be able to buy a case of 72 for $75, and that includes shipping. So, the price per diaper is on par with depends max and it should be easier on your checkbook than the abena x-pluses.

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    If you wear full time, you might want a diaper that is designed to be changed often, like every 4 houres.

    I'd recommend a Tena Ultra or Tena Classic. They are high quality and thin enough to wear during the day in public.

    Tena Super are a little thick for daytime wear. But they are quite absorbant and should last a good 6-8h with normal fluid consumption.

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